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Posted by  Jacques Pochoy on September 17, 2002 at 09:12:12:

In Reply to:  WTC: General Observations posted by Paul Malo on September 17, 2002 at 06:44:52:

*sigh* Reminds me of Mumford's conclusions in "the history of cities"... A biaised analysis in which each term is or could be proven true but that is false in it's final form ! (sorry, it's getting hard for me to explain that in english).

Salingaros is someone I like quite a lot when he uses his mathematical skills to trace new possible paths for urbanists or architects on the knowledge trip... But then, when he goes personal, I feel the old Mumford's rant coming back of the good old neolithic city, before the rising of the Babel tower (s)!

Someone stated lately that : " (...)only the French are capable of the totalitarianism needed for "real" effective city planning."!
I disagree, of course, of the choice of words... But not with what was meant !
Because of a "traditional" view of "Flatlanders" there is a water problem in most countries. Developments of cities goes horizontally for miles and miles instead of going "up"...

Archeological evidence shows that the first cities where of high rise (for the technology they had), around wells. Water is much more in the "invention" of the city concept then that of the protection against an enemy.

Today, there is still building space in a few countries only. Population growth, poverty, provokes migrations and with them the mixing of cultures (one of the goals of cities) thus loosing "tradition".. To gain progress, confort for all and the aknowledgment of the "stranger" (in Camus style).

The same population growth confront us with the "border" problem...As a specie, we do need to eat and drink, and extensive agriculture needs space, we need supplies of water, we need some form of energy... So where will live our grand children... On Mars?

We will have to draw the line somewhere... Or we will end with laws that will allow a unique child per family (as in China), thus hurting our own biodiversity and genes pool.

I have choosen and prefer the "urban" culture...

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