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Posted by  Per Corell on September 17, 2002 at 11:53:44:

In Reply to:  Re: WTC: General Observations posted by Paul Dremann on September 17, 2002 at 09:55:23:

Now I guess architecture are one among several art's that have a prominent role in providing the best amd nicest solution.
Man made a bric ,man program a mashine to produce 3D object.
Beautifull places need room esp. in cities ;))
Buying the buildings in front of the harbour, would produce a nice city, as anyone will know, came out of the 11 september.
A better chance to make a contest about the most beautifull building would be different to find.
Now find suggestions that would meet all demands is often not the majority, you need more than standard architectual visions, to overview a project, unless it realistic with somthing as simple, as a new tool a new idear. Then who say it even be a great buisness having all those sq.feet ,when another vision could bring somthing much better ballanced.
I reached the point, where dealing with an idear, like the build-around, leaving hollow spaces carried a nice idear ; reality would bring a planned replacement of volumes, untill a much bigger arear are renewed with the need of new technologies. Im'e a boat designer and are pleased when I offer a complete set of plans with newest 3D-H framework ,then this work perfect with the boatbuilder craft ,where your emagination work great if you are good designing boats.
As I try to point out ; when I upload a graphic and refere it to be towers ,yet another monolit been forced by the eager designer, realistic seen, you need a complete building volum creator program : one that solve slum garbage problems aswell as being able to provide the volumes for all what is needed in a town. ---- no problemo build it a third the cost ;))
Realisticly seen, noone maby want to work in a new tower system ; no the 6' was a honest proposal, best of it's times I guess ,but you can't solve the rebuild by trying to compensate ,you need to replace fear with beauty ,futur with new technology as this is the main issue.
Im'e quite sure that the world would live well, with the towers replaced with a visionary proposal , for somthing an architect shuld also be able to point to ,even it would mean that the volumes infront of the harbour shuld be torn down and stacked up unless a build around with a honeycomb structure ,would make time a friend ;))
--------- Unrealistic to place the most beautifull building the right place , or unrealistic even solving the tighest architectural goal, to provide somthing two feet from the ground and four times as strong ;))
Making it a realistic idear to suggest to do more than just renting out office floors ,but also providing the technology in many regreds, but if the call is, that it better be ready the day after tomorow, this demand are unrealistic. My personal belive is, that here are all possibilities but it must be the future that count, as building somthing, people in 50 years would disagrea or building somthing they say "that was just the right thing", are hidden within What's good about computers , proberly is that the Dooe's are master size.
This is dangouras stuff if an architect ask 500 ton concrete placed in a block passing all floors , the fact that you can press a button snd produce halve a town in assemblies is a tool that is different than even what is known as 3D architecture ; what I try point to after all this personal talk, are what is best ; is it realistic to leave to future, as what it is.
Ps. the testbench is only a kind of sketchbook, there are no real suggestions among the graphics.

Viewtopian, not that the huge planning section of a visionary project, is maby even a better

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