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Posted by  Jacques Pochoy on September 18, 2002 at 01:11:36:

In Reply to:  Re: WTC: General Observations posted by Paul Malo on September 17, 2002 at 20:28:30:

Let me thank you for answering calmly to what was my usual "on the spot" outburst...:-)

I do agree with the culture point (the culture diversity) but cannot link it with GEAM or even "Modulor" (today). I feel that what is called an "International style" is just that, not "modern style", even if it's usually done by people raised in this theory.
But you know just as me that it's not because one imitate some Corbs building that it's modern ... There was a thread, here, about "authenticity"....!

The Nikos article was just one more among many since 9/11 that indeed goes against what happens today everywhere... Flaming high-rise as a whole, bad urbanism (I agree on that), architectural styles (I really disbelief the importance given to styles)... and globalisation (when the sole example of this forum shows that you can't throw the baby with it's bath water (french idiom)).
Now it's an East/West theory strapped over religious understanding of the world ! It's too far fetched ! Worse, it's confusing...( Good lord, mixing up Atta and urbanism... That's being populist!). Not to mention the line about "machines" in the 20ies!
The point is that I've heard that elsewhere (starting with Rousseau), the "Golem fright", mixing genetic engineering, technology, major diseases, religious beliefs and the Norman Rockwell's philosophy (the days we had when young are the best... Sort of lost eden of innocence).
That would amuse me with a Hyde Park speaker standing on his crate, but it doesn't when it comes from someone who has the intellectual means (and proves it everyday) to make fine distinctions...

Many of us have been fighting in our everyday work, against "post" or "neo" colonisation, against the lure of glass clad buildings in a tropical desert, etc... We all know that it's not really about architecture (in this case it's just a symbolic representation) it's more about money and the power it gives in our western civilisation...

People have the right to keep their traditions and culture, it's so true that it belongs to the human rights with freedom and "decent" living, but then what happens when they move to another country ? Do they change their way of living or do they slowly mix their culture with the new country's one, thus changing the lattest too? Or must they be "fixed" in their original country?

Today in France, one fifth of the common language is from arabic origins, a "lingua franca" for most of us, a fashionable (or not) slang... We are getting used to absenteeism on Friday, Saturday and Sunday being usually "off"...!

Does it really matter ? Is our way of life really changing ? I don't think so... Richard who lives now in Nice after years in London must share some Pastis in a café with people that are french in their way of living locally, not by their passport (if even they have one)...:-):-):-)

Architecture_should_follow... Of course ! As it is the most "localised" output of our culture, sustainabilty has been trying to state that for years... But it doesn't mean returning to pagodas or greek temples..!
Murcutt has been doing a great "small" job on that part and I'm happy he was honoured for it. Piano usually design each time a different "localised" building in a "cut and paste" epoch, that's nice too, but then what is his "style"?

As always in history, when stuck in the middle of a vast reforming movement, one's never realise it really, he just follow the lead (or his feelings) hoping he's on the good tracks...:-)
From what I see in students in these years, I really have the feeling that things are! Ten years ago it was hard not to have a majority of object prone designs (even if deconstructed)!
Today they tend to leave the "masters" where they are, and are more engaged in ethics and well-being of people. They are more on "low-tech" techniques and space "quality" then before... But they are following no "prophet", of one side or the other! They just try to answer the anguish of their contemporaries...

Maybe that's why I'm not so much worried about the future of architecture...
But then, everyone knows I'm a resolute optimist...:-):-):-)

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