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Posted by  Per Corell on September 20, 2002 at 12:37:43:

In Reply to:  Re: New twin towers posted by d on September 20, 2002 at 08:10:13:

For some there will be no question in the symbolic act using architecture to reach the goal. Being realistic an architect shuld have unlimited freedom but then WTC is not this impossible a task one shuld think.
I think that with this solution, much more must be invested or have the world fallen for the idear that you get anything for nothing.
Please don't get this wrong ,as what is extremly difficult if you know that this point in the right direction, as when you hire an architect you proberly don't get what you realy want, if you spend your money right you will have much more trouble ,like if that's any different ,but you can not expect pyramides made out of nothing ; you need way's to put your pyramides out from the screen ,and what I been pointing at is the obvious lack of software that make sense to the amount of possibilities with computers ,pyramides that are worth investing small ones, and pyramides not worth investing in , usealy big . How will you have a new WTC without the ability of renting out sq.feet if in 5 years noone want to rent anything. If making somthing a bit more expensive at a start ,would bring somthing _anyone_ would prefere if the ideal solution is simply not possible without new technology anyway.
After projecting from all angles , all I could come up with, was bringing what is not needed ;another monolit.
Please don't get offended I love monolites esp. if they are russian and createt by an architect, hounted by Stalin. But personaly I think that an Opera or an up to date playhouse ,would atract the same focus as maby a new WTC could raise from the ashes this way, unless the world agrea that the whole arear shuld be restored into a new _kind of WTC , but as I pointet to, this will mean that many more buildings shuld be unassembled and stored somwhere. This way a Huge arear could serve with the memorial sites . Maby thei would bring a nicer city with what is needed for a world center ,then this would also be the best chance to build what could make it unique , a beautifull building representing trust in the future. Somthing an architect can handle, if he/she/her have the right tools at the hand ,and Visions about what is beauty and what is not. Bad there are more to it than just having a nice vision ;))
Anyway I allready made my point in this group and everybody know Im'e crasy.
But who say that the owners of the houses infront the harbour will even think about stacking a highrise ; Im'e talking building _around such buildings . Then who know who ,own those buildings in 5 years ,when things are much different , ---- what do I know about another town in the other end of the world.
It's very important to be able to filter proposals by idear rather from wish ,if you wish to win a contest and this is your only goal, you are missing somthing. As the best proposal are proberly not made yet, and proberly never will be made unless the spirit shuldn't have a possible to count , then maby this is as much a matter of luck ---- remember that _after_ being build, this shuld continue to work.
As an "architect" being a designer , Im'e glad if a little part of what I published will be used, as discussed in this forum this is a huge project allready.
The best proposal ,shuld have a positive influence on stock markets how to make that without investing or rather not investing in the wrong technologies and make up your mind. Making the world understand that this is the best ansver I don't think will be difficult,as who said that the world wouldn't accept any other building as ansver to what the world allready judged.
This is also why I don't understand why top technology shuldn't bring a beautifull building in nice surroundings, with the memorial within this arear .

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