Message - Re: the extinction of the nuclear family of the 50's -the disappearance of the front porch - technology what is happening?

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Posted by  BRUTUS on September 21, 2002 at 06:39:16:

In Reply to:  Re: the extinction of the nuclear family of the 50's -the disappearance of the front porch - technology what is happening? posted by Paul Malo on September 21, 2002 at 05:30:31:

our humane culture nowadays is an organism,no doubt,but is it a healthy organic organism?
should we feed it junk food,genetically modified food,with genetically modified hormons,to look fater ,happier and healthier!do you think this an improvement?
i guess you know that i am not preaching to stop the time machine at the 50's,but i think we deserve better than that,and we should leave a better legacy for our children later,it's not about personal experiences and about nostalgical collective memory spirit,life or architecture shouldn't stop in the 50's,but we need the oudoor front porch "spirit" in our future homes not the "iconic" front porch of the 50's,neither we need the indoor t.v room where children spends long hours infront of the (play station) or whatever,does virtual reality enhance their imagination,no i think a kid from the 50's era could flow higher in his imagination than that!.
of course sciences has evolved drastically, medicine has followed,that is excellent,but did we as architects and architecture has followed their steps,and i am not talking here about the Millennium Dome or the Bilbao masterpiece,this is NOT an evolution.
did we enhance life as architects since the 50's,did we create better spaces?
did we contribute in better social life for every one,or almost everyone?
every science had evolved from a starting point no matter how primitive it was,only modernism has evolved from nowhere,they enjoyed playing the game of the supreme polemist Gods?
did we correct this evolutionary gap or mutation with postmodernism?
i think we worsen the case....

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