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Posted by  Per Corell on September 22, 2002 at 02:18:46:

In Reply to:  Re: consumerism-consumption-technology &the decline of the traditional architectural space posted by Richard Haut on September 21, 2002 at 14:03:19:

You are quite right, but I se this in a little different way ;
About the quality of food, then in this contry when you visit a supermarket you get an idear anyone is sick. Waterdameaged products of all sorts taken over and just about milk products what people pay for is water. Products that would have placed the people "producing" "Light-milk" in jail 50 years ago ,are said to be the more "healthy" the more water it contain ; creme freise that shuld be top luxury 40 pct milk fat , is now down to 3 pct ; the rest is water, ------- and you know what, people don't lose weight with these products anyway while the factories find new way's to sell water.
But beside this sad chapter of quality loss in raw materials , please consider what is wrong with a lot of most of the food products, and please consider that most of the problems could be solved with technologies allready avaible ; how many people that get sick from toxic additions is difficult to count, as the chemicals are so multible even most serve the porpus to make the food last, ------- But acturly there are a very easy way to make strawberries last five years fresh. There are simple technikes to make _any_ food product last for years ,but unfortuatly the left wings used A-pover resistance to gather the crowd against a lot new technologies, even we today could radiation tread stock food and make an end to problems in east Africa, then they rather want people to starve to death, than agreaing to radiation treadment as being as safe as focusing a huge light on the food leaving _no_ remains after a treatment that make food last "forever" without the use of heavy chemicals.
Anyway it is nice that today you can chose healty food, without being seen as a health fanatic ,but again today you can go to a supermarked and se products ,that claim to be "ecologic" where if you emagine the Cow it can only be a square box in steel with four hydrolics as legs, to produce this froud.

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