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Posted by  Per Corell on September 25, 2002 at 04:44:41:

In Reply to:  this is how I see it ! posted by BRUTUS on September 25, 2002 at 03:30:31:

You are quite right, still please exchouse my ignorance, as grown up with the qualities of modernism these are deeply intergrated with your values.
Being a craftman you don't make form follow function, but make it translate into making form follow the ability of the materials, and if a frame in this material don't offer the strength required ,you work with the materials or the technology to provide this vision, rather than just shaping without the thought about if this idear will or will not provide a safe structure.
Im'e sorry I tend to step onto lose ground, but I allway's seen a weak link in this, as the idear that the engineer shuld just solve the dull parts of a project is simply against my ideals about architecture. Also Im'e sorry to say, that I find this to be the worse dead end within academic views, as when things realy happen it's in the creative process solving these obvious problems.
Now it's no secret in this forum, that the only reson that I know just anything about architecture, are the fact that some nice people acceptet me using the art acadamy being able to contribuate with the knowleage about computers and CAD programs back then, so I agrea that my point of view _are_ the point of view of a craftman , but to explain what I mean I need to use examples, graphics and write things wery offensive ; the other day I lost a lot about what I thought about a factory building just opposite my backyard windows. I realy thought that this building that shaddow this backyard was a building construction from round 1901 and that the floors was rebuild as concrete floors with roman bridge curves ; it was not I found out. All it was were H' steel beams with brickwork forming Roman beams wothin each steel beam ; guess you se my point ,also this home for lazy artists turned out to be a lookalike like the people living there , why didn't they tear it down to make air and light in the backyards when it's even a fake ; this is how you think ,growing up and seing how modernism replaced slums with decent living, guess this are among the resons you get divides in your fight for an ideology that will fit the future and all these computers waiting there.
Still future is not just about computers but about people ,and then an old love to modernism can be hard to get rid of, even you se these architects, that _still_ thing visions are about a landmark, when visions today need to be a bit more humble, ---------- as designer this is not a question about making somthing that will make you famous, but about accepting that if you develob a method, than you need to make more skilled craftmen ,called architects, work with these new visions, as you can only grasp "this" much and if you promote a method with a building, athers will critic the building and fail to se the obvious visions in the technike, but I guess you all know this to be just one of my troubles ;))
Form and function , right . But form and technology is the issue today, just aswell.

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