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Posted by  Per Corell on September 26, 2002 at 02:07:08:

In Reply to:  Re: addendum. posted by BRUTUS on September 25, 2002 at 13:17:23:

Thank's for the nice words, and this count for all of you nice guy's esp Mr. Nelson , ----- still I have to admid my ignorance, rather that anyway than agreaing my lack of knowleage, but I guess you all have a clear picture about this.
I spended these 4 years at the acadamy, and I think that the fact that the established crowd would accept somone without an education tell the most important issue about this , surely allready back then the computer art was a strange artform but even then the academics each year was told the same lesson from the big architecture firms ; "Why is it, that the students we imploy know nothing, nothing about what an architect realy do in an architect firm, why is it we have to start all over". The ansver from the academics was the same every year ; " Architecture are not just counting windows, it's more than that, and even an architect will spend his or her career counting windows and holding the strait rule beside two others, our task are different at the schools; they need to learn beauty and art".

Did they then ;))

Anyway the discussions about form and function will continue in infinity, the discussion about modernism will not die with the modernism and nomatter what will be projectet then if filter the expression you will just under the surface find any aspect of architecture historie, ------- My concern is not if a method make anything possible, as you will find ugly ou bad buildings in any form language, but my concern is , if the archict "as craftman" will be able to use the right tools for the right task and provide somthing that is bound in visions and not in personal needs or personal reflections of needs. I made just as silli drawings when I sed the acadamy and was surprised when one of the lectors said that it was no critic when he said that this was pure Van.d.M. style ; realy I didn't know what he ment but I soon found out.
But maby I shuld rather explain why I didn't even at that point think more about this. You se the way I learned myself boatbuilding soon lead me to lecture the students at the boatbuilding school ,but you get this "craftmans" way to view any practical problem, and when everything succes ,you soon fle into a romantic belive, that as long as you can produce what is asked and it every time turn out fully profesional and trend shaping, then you just have to trust "nature".
Guess you now understand my attraction to Escher and My love to Jugend, ---- what's bad about it, is that after years producing boats ,furniture and software , you pick the craftman's point of view and have very high demands to profesionalism , you say ; " 33 pct hard work, 66 pct doing nothing must be ok if the job is done, but you also shake your haed about the lack of knowleage about what computers are, how it fit in a creative process, what you _must not_ forget while everything happen inside your head and how you need to be hush critic against your own visions to make them serve others than yourself. Guess this been my own worse enemy ; my hush critic while working with what I know there are no easy way out , that I would not be satisfied unless the product are perfect any respect, and then you easyli turn this demand onto others ,then knowing your own soft spots, and being fanatic about your own expression and visions . Nice to se that design idears about boat shapes after some 10 years seem to catch in others designs and please understand that I find it nice to se that naval architecture move towerds the trends I worked my way thru and could show back then but also at that point I now know I focused on the wrong issues.
I rather make others use these tools than learning architecture the way architecture are tought, reson are that I will never find it natural to count windows, as I want to be in the middle of the creative process and it seem I rather starve than compromise, this is my second problem beside my ignorance.
Now autum hit Copenhagne, maby not the wettest city on the nortern hemisphere, but cirtainly the most gray city, still isn't there somthing about gray having an effect on other colors , an effect well known in painting that proberly could change gray into a multiplyer of all other colors, don't your search allway's point to what you seek as you think you know it and miss it.

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