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Posted by  Per Corell on September 27, 2002 at 03:10:34:

In Reply to:  Re: Human nature! posted by BRUTUS on September 26, 2002 at 15:52:43:

Please exchouse to anyone who ask and think no ansver are given.
Some questions can't yield a strait liniar ansver guess there still are enough ignorant student left in me so I still defend what I can't prove. Reson though are a solid knowleage, that when "this" feeling are there, that I somewhere know there are more to it than just that, I can't just agrea while I seen before that this "ignorance" just need some time to fixture ,then a more clere picture or some more clear statement will occour.
Anyway I would be an alian among other students, I would constantly pick on anyone who can't prove, can't justify, think that "this" shuld lead anywhere without a solid idear or filosofy to it , guess students have enough of this allready ;))
A few professors know enough about Psykology , to know where to support ,what to support, and why care. Guess this is as important as the academic skills ,while the architecture that grow from this way to leas and support, will in it's nature be influated by the ground it grow. But to expect that a student that just found a few visions, shuld act with decades of experience only show the teachers own lack of psykologic feel. Now you all heard my complains about how computer art was dropped as an artform here in Copenhagen, after the acadamy moved to another location some of the scientists I met by chance asked me, why I didn't stick around anymore contributing the refreshment so heavily needed within the stiffened academic system, I almost felt bad to say, that people need bread ;))
There are a lot of psykology in this to, ---- the psykology of a stiffend academic system doing it's best to take in new visions from outside the academic circles, but problem is, that Art is a social game, and even with positive will among academics, you are allowed to contribuate but in terms of basic human needs, this is a one way road, your only role are to contribuate and your problem occour when you turn out smarter than the other "students", ------ beside when I work with somthing I se nothing else, acturly my problem is that my social skills are so low that I rather flee social crowds, I think "why can't my work speak for itself what do I hasve to do with it, -------- and then the day when somone show-off somthing as hollow as a tin box paintet black standing on one corner, I ratere not be there.
So what would it help me to have papers, as I allready in the 4 years I spended at the acadamy, have seen how things fit together, how much social skills acturly decide and how little true profesionalism count towerds this. Some of the people there who didn't live from day to day entlightened by a wierd vision about computers told me, that I shuld speak with one of the professors that ranked higher to secure my grounds, but when you can build a boat from your own design idears within a week , you don't think this shuld be needed ; can't anyone se what I produced ; --- NO they couldn't, as each one thought it to be somthing different than any other, and in an acadamy with permafrost in cirtain departments ,you soon get to contact the _wrong_ supporters, so I just needed halve a second to know that I allready were fully occupied to start investigating the local social demands within this very complex structure of interests that an acadamy esp. one for Art can be.
Lately as you all know, I simply looked into historie to se what the reactions to new form languages allway's been , guess what you find also are within the fields of psykology, as this is often rather depressing reading. ------ No I rather accept my lack of knowleage follow my own road and keep my mind open.

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