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Posted by  Per Corell on September 27, 2002 at 12:33:47:

In Reply to:  Re: And it WILL posted by Scratchy on September 26, 2002 at 15:38:52:

As in boats and ships, you don't have lose chairs, lamps,tables water foods whatever, in our homes we have _nothing_ but lose stuff.
Ok I lived in houseboat for 29 years and allway's was used to build in aptering, as the expression are in Dk. The insides a ship are frameworks and it get it's strength from stringers. Honeycomb are much better than the tradisional furniture works, as you can grow tables from the wall where the boxworks are shelves or seats if covered with surface forming 3D-H . A house could be build with the exception of a cirtain structure oversize based upon, that new naighbours, could buy a floor by building within . Buy the rights to this cirtain part of a pyramide if that's what could sell it ;))
Why not, when it can be made a third the cost four times as strong in 4 years ,as long as it could be a nice house/apartment assembly .
Or what's wrong if those who took a chance, would be compensated that if you "want" housing with this cheap building method, your house can soon get much higher. ---- This is not Lego thinking. maby more free kind of thinking, ------ As for modenism dead I don't belive you ,this is impossible and will never happen modernism from _my_ point of view, that it what brought the Slums I knew into non existance ,that's modernism for me, for a lot others modernism houses shaped their life of resons an architect shuld se , --- nice or ugly ;))
That presavation of just the last 5 houses would have brought a perl, and left history a spot with only huge modern quality houses around where I grew up in the 50' ,sure there were qualities ; I grew up with rifels and guns but no one ever got hurd even Quite some experimenting took place, but this have nothing to do with my facination towerds post-organic framework architecture ,you can make yourself a houseboat or the hull for a spacecraft, if things go well, in 20 years you could fit it with a Warp engine, but you can just aswell just have the easyest foundation framework for a sheet material building where sheet material form the curved framework aswell as the strait framework. You Romans with garentie still think Im'e svedish ; Im'e not and Im'e not Canadian either , I _am danish ;))
What modernism ment are far more important as there been a lot of progress a lot old Slums torn down and a lot of modern homes build.

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