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Posted by  Per Corell on September 28, 2002 at 02:46:26:

In Reply to:  Re: And it WILL what Will? posted by BRUTUS on September 28, 2002 at 01:57:15:

Space will have a compleatly new perspective when scientists and architects finaly find out, that to make robots build our inviroment you need a different view about interiours and exteriours . You need structures with a common idear to make people invest the small extras that will mean that you can sell a "floor" , future will bring in a new type of soil sale ; one in cubic meters or feet ,where you pay for the right to expand an existing structure with more structure fit for further expantion. ----- but to do so, you need a method with a simple idear to it, you can't continue seing the world in Lego blocks.
Still the develobment in new methods are stuck in the idear that the solutions will come as when you open your mouthand fried birds come flying ; they _don't_ ; you can't take 10 steps at one time and you need the experience build up, to even choce the right nanno technology , one that fit with a simple construction idear, not one fittet with a number of nuts and bolts, stringers and spot patchwork to compensate for the othervise build in preparations that make you strenghten a ground floor in framework structure with paneling that transform the framework ,into a structure offering 4 times the strength as honeycomb structure as soon as the paneling are in place.
You need a simple idear, to make structures capable of repairs, you need repairs to fit with this simple idear and you need an _accurate_ digital description odf _each_ part of the structure, to lead a simple one function repair robot do it's job.
Today's technology offer a lot of robots, but still these work from compleatly different set of instructions than what are possible with a structure with a common and simple idear. Today's assembly line robots is _not_ the type of technology Im'e talking about, as what they assemble are structures _bound_ in the old technologies ; we can't se this as this is what we can se, and you need the ability of Visions to be able to point to systems ,where there are _not_ thousands of small bits and pieces each demanding their own sub-line manufactoring lead. Instead of 20 heavy mashines producing each small part, you need a unique system that make an end to the long assembly lines and the first step is obvious ; to make _one_ mashine produce each and every frame in the framework , even each frame are different from all others ; this as you all know is possible with modern building methods and form languages.
This is why I work from the idear, that there are people much better skilled as I, in terms of shaping our future, that's why it's realy not my job to draw fancy frameworks as when I do, the critic overlook the main point , ---- the method and underlaying idear.
On the other hand you don't se progress unless you realy master to yield some true Visions.

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