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Posted by  Per Corell on October 01, 2002 at 05:38:38:

In Reply to:  Re: Strategy & Tactics posted by Viper on September 30, 2002 at 14:02:50:

Now with the various discussions my main issue offcaurse have been to point to a new vision about structures you all deal with anyway, the WTC treads been tight up in what a few, have warned about ; Icons and expertations that you need to question as if noone else do, what will be build, would not be satisfying in just 5 years after finished. If the fundamental idear are "wrong" or will be wrong oposed what Visions can be extracted by just discussing ,and outlining a better solution or a better vision in words, then this could be just what a Visionary architect need, to dare suggest a project with the right size and the right issues for a future WTC.
Please remember that I often exchouse my ignorance, but each time I try to, to contribuate with more than "my pony" ; fact is that a lot still havn't seen what many others have seen about this method and please understand, that what I promote, is _not_ my fancy buildings or "glorious visions; Im'e satisfied if anyone se, that what you think is very complicated, is even easyer than your daily 3D project. That any of the 3D models I seen around, could be added a selfcarrying framework , from Bilbao to the latest high-tech icon ; all can with a push to a button be generatet as a honeycomb framework, and you can also mix frameworks with the tradisional Lego blocks. So even this look complicated, it is not but still a few think it must be a hurdle to draw a complicated framework , it's not but it's still not some unintelligent structure as you can still controll the expression , turn the strength to point how you want and scale it compared with strength and mass.
It's even easyer to generate a building framework, than to draw it as how most use a CAD program to make a virtual model, and if you think the framework are to tight, you can delete each 3,5 or 7' frame or make the deleted frames work in a pattern ; this open for a new form language.
Back to WTC rebuild, what I pointed to, was the fact that this is the chance of the century to project a solution that in 5 or 10 years, would have produced what the world wouldn't be without, what I point to about the technology are, that it seem the Dot.Com firms that represent a compleatly different trend in technology, was maby not the inventment objects with the same positive future than what everything point to, that new visions and building technologies will be. Why I hount this groupe, is also to build a theoretic foundation for a new form language closely connectet with a new simple method.
The idear of transforming the whole arear around the WTC site must have grown with input from this groupe, but if the ideal solution must show, you can not think in architectural Icons, ----- unless you know that maby 90 pct. of such a project will deal with inferstructure and "preparations" , anything will fail, and in this context my suggestions were, that if a strong structure are needed, then just maby this would in itself open some more possibilities by providing what is the easyest structures to generate as framework or honeycomb structures, ---- the basements prepared for the weight.
Please understand, that one day I must defend 3D-H for nanno technologies and the next day se if the vision can compeed to form a reliable highrise building in concrete, ----- then please exchouse that I flee into light plywood or steel sheet structures and can't use the "prove" that it work there for very different structures where it will work, but in another and wery different application.
Anyway I se it in this way, that what I try to promote, is a method that is honest to it's expression, where "decor" is within the structure as a natural mean to provide the needed strength, it's not up to me to refine this expression, but you are wrong, if first time you se such a structure and you think "this look complicated" ; it's not and you don't need to construct each and every frame, this is generated automaticly and you still have just as many possibilities to "edit" a 3D-H framework as to "edit" your basic known geometrics, you can even generate these in a reliable framework and in one go, have all work drawings to acturly produce each building frame full-size or N.C. code.
Maby revolution become boring, but this come from to much talk and to little action ;))

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