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Posted by  Manuel Oliveros on October 01, 2002 at 14:16:31:

In Reply to:  Strategy & Tactics posted by Paul Malo on September 30, 2002 at 07:52:36:

I basically agree with Paul in that no good direction may have been impelled in the process of selection … just out of the too known proposed teams … on everything else he better must know.

However there are other issues that maybe out of being much self evident may be -out of being unavoidable- being avoided, and then difficulting more proper decisions by the Strategos, and I am not speaking of lobby politics.

First, the political wound made in the attacks is not at all properly healed. Present measures till now, mainly war in Afganistan look as if we have a wound in the head we put ointments in the leg.

What brings to mind that the issue is far wider than mere an architectural problem, for it was by its awesome demonstration of economical and military preeminence that the WTC and Pentagon targets were chosen. So the wound was central to the American stance as the World’s superpower, and reaches beyond the local architectural and civilian problem standing in the City of New York.

In such sense, the WTC is almost un-replaceable loss because what was lost in more than buildings and life was a symbol of the USA’s standing status as a superpower, and anything put there in substitution won’t be the same: An artificial arm is not the original arm.

So in my view one of the main difficulties for successfully fixing the hole left by 9-11 is that the status that preceded the attack has not yet been restored. We know the far reaches of the attempts being made for its restitution. USA is waging open and covert war, and committed to harsh re-structuration of its civil life whilst engaged in a scheduled staggering 6 years long rearming program. All this is not to be without effect, and the new reality coming from it will require renewed societies, symbols, and architectures.

I don’t think this chosen policy is the sole one available to the American people, but I think it is the sole one being offered to them by their politicians. That they choose to abide within such only offer it is up to them as a nation.

Whilst, I think it is no sound policy to put a picture to hide a hole in the wall. Just hiring Christos for another shrouding happening wouldn’t be more bizarre nor wrong.

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