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Posted by  Per Corell on October 06, 2002 at 01:59:48:

In Reply to:  Re: WTC: Liebeskind Debate posted by BRUTUS on October 05, 2002 at 17:00:35:

Even a memorial park need to be build.
I find one part lacking visions and the other arguments, but with this issue a lot of time would be spended better, if those who deal with what you shuld not do asked themself what visions is in that.
What is needed is visions and reality , offcaurse you can't build but you can build around, you can make the sites be within, still where are the visions in a statue and a park, do that make the only right ansver or do it leave the oppotunity of the century untoughted.
How can you just talk against somthing without having an alternative, some visions . Maby not nessererly a solution at this time, but a few leads. Please don't misunderstand as I don't think either that anything shuld be build at the sites, but this don't mean you can't build around ,it don't mean that nothing can be build away from the sites, and it don't mean that "this" need to be nothing with no idear to it.
But "this" is so huge a project, that it will intergrate all arears around, this is why I continue to ask if "this" is realy about just a memorial, if it don't count our trust in the future more than a single memorial park with some fancy statue will do.
Sure then that's over and the center of the city can start a 5 year down hill jurney, as if the main focus are the memorials nothing will be put in place instead of the towers ; is this what is needed or a trust that technology will expand our horisons and our will to stop war. Surely memorials are a science in itself, but it shuldn't be the task for the architects to design a memorial every time a war is over, the architect have another job in this world ; to provide new visions expand our will, and show new roads.
This is just what I feared ; that focus would turn to the memorial parts of the only true projest and this way take over and replace the obvious visions ,with nothing but fuss about issues any visionary architect shuld be long past over. Right nothing shuld be build ; but isn't just this the most inspiring thing about it. Wouldn't a "real" architect se just this obvious fact as a goldmine of inspiration ? Don't anyone else in this forum se it the same way or am I alone in my trust that there are multible projects that will yield exactly what the world are waiting for. Or have anyone given up?

Maby they havn't realised what a flop project will bring , ---- maby I don't either, but what do you get with the expertations and a lousy job is the reactions of the intire world, disapointment and lose of fait ; is this what you want to pay for. Do you want to pay for a useless park arear with no connection to the rest of the inviroment, somthing the world will reconise as a pin in a square hole ?

If anyone shuld act agrassive, I se no reson why not, but I rather se this reaction as a natural disapointment ,as _if_ there were realistic people ,they would know that a Vision, of somthing pointing to a few real solutions is much better time spend, than dealing with lazy minds and memorials as science.
You don't need to narrow your mind to the sites, when these are just a natural part of a much greater project. But a week ago somone described the process as "the best money can buy" ; ---- is this realy what you think will bring a solution, what you can buy for money ? I thought you wanted somthing quite different ; somthing that state our technical abilities and abielities to survive whatever raising even more poverfull structures for those fallen , this you can't buy for money , this you need to search for and find the most unexpected places.
That some rich man's son make terror being his life ,and that this shuld have so big impack on the world shuldn't surprise anyone, as when it come to "ansvers" ,it seem that there are no visions, only talk about old architects and outdated visions about monolites. This is not what we need ; we need visions and somthing more than a pin in a hole , ------- sorry I get angry about this obvious ignorance, but if somone handed me 40 k, I bet you would se somthing that would make a multible choice ,somthing at a third the cost 4 times as strong, showing the world that we havn't reached the end of possible means. Romans can't read, they can't hear and they are blind, ---- still they think they will make visions asking the useal suspects produce what they could maneage 5 years ago ; that's not very visionary and not very academic either ,when you ask how new visions did occour during past century . Was it the settled pack that brought the visions ? Did theories anything but restrain, could you even ,if you had a time mashine, bring a person from the late 60' into these times, without him getting insain, ------ how do you then expect his architecture to perform , bringing the solution.
I get as angry as any jewish architecture critic when I se this ignorance, but my force are, that I know technology and what a new technology will bring in order of new jobs, new building methods and industries. I know what a new form language will bring ,but why is it so difficult to explain that historie tell that you can't buy the best money can bring and then think this will be the best solutions.
Surely these firms can provide what they allready maneage, but it's like you forgot to take the first step and rushed on to the next step just projecting somthing with a little bit of this trend and a little fraction of that.
Please se it this way, that the steps allready taken form the final result but it's the tools and the artist's ability to "speak" this language that will write the visions, so how can a closed competision where you don't even know what you want , bring anything.
Now if what you wantet was a pyramide , I could show you a pyramide you never emagined, --- but there would be more than a fancy graphic about it, as it would rest on a solid foundation of new technologies and possible new jobs, still that you don't want. Not even if it is shaped as a 3D Maze leaving you with even more oppotunities and service functions build in as intergrated service floors inbetween the tunnels and sites. What will the steps already taken bring ; isn't we allready past the point of no return, and didn't they forget to ballance the suggestions they will get, with what they are acturly looking for ; then how will this process bring what is needed, if they think this is just about a memorial and a few huge houses.
Why didn't they pay just one visionary architect, to ballance with just one project. How do you think you can walk a road without taking the first step. Omitting the truth about where Visions occour, omitting the facts historie show ; that you can't buy real visions in a shop and that this is much bigger than we all think and nothing good come from not wanting to do the right thing. Please ; what's most important and is somthing that important, that it will be allowed to destroy the true solution.
Sorry if you get offended, but for me sitting here with a method that would be the perfect tool in a creative process, it's just that idiotic to witness the ignorance and sad to se how progress are locked by lack of visions and how "the best money can buy" , shuld be "bought" in an antike store.

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