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Posted by  Per Corell on October 06, 2002 at 07:23:48:

In Reply to:  Re: Structures...and Innovation! posted by Jacques Pochoy on October 06, 2002 at 06:52:41:

But it is not the holes nature distribuate, it's the material and the material that form the structure not the holes, the holes are just a side effect.
For a natural structure grown ,it's the forces simplified by ,that more material will "assemble" along the "sides" of a molocyle rather at the "end" of the molocyle forming a crystal from the multible forces that work in nanno scale, with a manufactoring process the assemblies make no sense while they are produced but is just the shape of the assemblies that with an idear to it, will form a possible assembly structure but this is math. not nature forces, in nature this make another kind of sense than in a manufactoring of assemblies to form a structure ,as with assemblies in _great_ scale_ as with building frames, the only force to "build" a structure are logic , and there are no magnetic fields round that. There are no logic in this sense in distribuating holes in a nanno structure while these are just a side effect ,beside the forces only by chance make molocyles be drawn to arange in particular patterns, there are no button to press to make them form a building volume, but when nature have a salt soluted in water and you remove the water, you get salt crystals , you do not get the structure for a house.
Not unless you have a way to ensure that the blueprint are within the material, and as gen's are the only complex "assembly blueprint" I also find this the only "inteligent" structure blueprint.
Also as the recursive patterns you se with fractals show that there are no handle for an architect to form nanno structures, and untill there are, I find it more promising to add a simple assembly idear as the 3D-Honeycomb ; here the "magic" allready show very different when an intergrated framework structure suddenly form a honeycomb structure ,that distribuate the forces to the surfaces aswell as to the structure, as soon the panels carry the load in a very different way than a framework structure.

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