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Posted by  Per Corell on October 06, 2002 at 12:03:22:

In Reply to:  Re: Structures...and Innovation! posted by Jacques Pochoy on October 06, 2002 at 07:56:05:

The theorie of holes is you say ,what this is about, I guess so, but here my reply must be, I write here as somwhere I think that discussions here could shape a lot design, my "exchouse" is here that I prove this method. You want to form reality and this is a language I understand, then why don't you want to do it better ;))
Sorry I hope you understand how frustrating art is, no good buisness to. The world would be ready to wait, if a reasoble lead would show some beauty and art, art is offcaurse your prefered goal beauti is mine, still to get somthing nice you need to want somthing nice so maby intergrated tubes of volumes ,where doors provide controlled access is just a side effect job making money making, these microchips will revolusionise everything. how far have we come , we had readable computers since 20 years that's all, architecture, have not even found out how rotated viewplans provide logic, providing layers for micro chips is none of my buisness, but the still unknown 3D presentation of a framework trigger me a lot, as doing it with a bandsaw or a water cutter are easily compensated with a bigger scale framework. Please se that my reson to discuss these matters, are not only my obsesion about reasoble means ; please understand that when I ask what's most important about a design, are the shapes, the materials and how you live with this inviroment, I compleatly agrea, but my angle make this a hands on job, where reasoble design tools limit your options, then sure we make different visions but if anyone would matter I guess somthing are better made with steel than flint what's wrong about that you as designer ask what's wrong, find that comňuters are not to well intergrated with new building methods ; those who shuld preferable use such.
WTC are a massive rebuild new building methods even would provide oceans of spaces ; how could this even be a problem, as many people prefere simple solutions but why can't anyone se what this is about. Why can't you radiation tread fresh food, when you know it's not dangouras any way, and make fresh food last for years. Why can't children learn some math. building framework structures ; please this realy do make better houses.
You want them nice, but I ask what it shuld provide, and then I design this, what is wrong with this, I don't even need a computer but think it is nice if it can move somthing. I can even provide access to provide a Maze in intergrated framework, that will change run while you move Live City ;))
Right, you just open the walls in the Maze different places .
What's wrong using plasma screens as panels, if you can provide sheet material with build in light cables you can do it with mirrors. If you want a theater building, you just shape a nice building in the actural framework that will produce the building. My task are different than others as I offer a tool, You wouldn't think it is this easy, to provide very nice designs with a new building method, you ask fro the best solution, this is the one.

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