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Posted by  BRUTUS on October 07, 2002 at 00:27:36:

In Reply to:  Re: WTC: Humane Environment posted by Paul Malo on October 06, 2002 at 16:04:42:

is spirituality a common language?
personally i think yes,we have a sort of a universal language a secret inherted code deep in our human genes,we should uncover it by reducing the daily stresses and our modern life chaos

we have as humans similar human reflexes to the same sensory stimuli and theses stimuli could be repeated intentionally thru different architectural "tricks",well what are these secret common sensory vocabulary?
1-cutural resemblance of some geometric forms(e.g:the effect of a pyramidical structure could be globally shared by different cultures and subcultures)
2-gradual space hierarchy
3-the play with lights and darkness
4-the play with shadows
5-reflected lights or indirect lights
6-water surfaces
7-natural green areas
8-natural sun light
10-fluididy and flexibility of space
you had addressed an interisting question
was Mies "spiritual" and Gehry's theatrics is it spirituality or not?
well obviously i can always connect spirituality or spiritual need in humans with SPACE ,no matter how prrimitive this space could be.
i have considered the "Lascaux" -ive space,which is a prehistoric cave in France as a spiritual space for homosapiens.
well did Mies envoke spirituality in the German pavilion for the world exhibition in Barcelona?
well i think he did creates a "free" abstract space with abstract expressive surfaces-the play of reflecting light on the polished stones and materials falls onto two pools of water,the interior and exterior(according to critics)interpenetrate harmoniously,well i can
confidently classify that into almost a religious spirituality in architecture(well should we put his skyscrapers aside for the moment ?)
on the other hand ,what is Gehry?
well Gehry's space is consequential(i think we are both on the same frequency about this critical point),and there's this obvious disjunction between the interior and the exterior,apparent shiny external cover+ plays with forms and proportions and internally he is impotent to express the same "spirit",well this is cheap magic,a pseudo-spirituality in architecture.
well you said "spirituality" components is so personal as not be very applicable as a general critical consideration,so why we do find culturally westernally oriented architects find in Taj Mahal or the Pyramids or the Angkore...etc this sense of spirituality?
why do i find in the Gothic cathedrals the same sense of spirituality in architecture eventhough this type of architecture is alien to my region?
why we may both share with a japanese family the same sense of spirituality that can be found in a Buddhist temple in Japan?
but to be honest ,sometimes inorder to purify our receptiveness of these sacred signals,inorder to sense or feel the spirituality of space,we need sometimes a sort of a psychological preparatory meditation.
in this meditation ,a person achieves an altered state of consciousness by performing certain rituals and excercise.these excercises include controling and regulating breathing,sharply restricting one's field of attention,eliminating external stimili...etc
for these reasons we need this "spiritualty spirit" in our contemporary homes,to induce relaxation and reduce psychological arousal and chaos.....
well i could see ,the spirituality created by the collective social space between a front porch 50's style american house is similar in the HUMANE NEEDS to a traditional atrium iraqi house in baghdad,unfortunately both form of habitable spatial forms has been extinct or almost extinct!

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