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Posted by  Per Corell on October 07, 2002 at 08:22:36:

In Reply to:  Re: A home with backbone. Nicholas Grimshaw reinvents the country house posted by Paul Malo on October 07, 2002 at 06:50:07:

Guess this somewhere have to do with how much housing was left after ww2 , that small flats is very popular with those generations that grew up in german towns in that periode, where the german army learned how to march backwerts.
In the states back in the 50' everybody was building houses with ply panels, and then what's more natural, than using the offcuts to build a flatbottom boat ; but just so you know it and even you love these vessels over there, boatbuilding is much more than just assembling a ply box ; this is where we speak differnt languages, as from my point of view you don't look at a piece of material and form what you can, you project what you want and get the right materials.
Now I know this is an old fasion way to se things, but I also know that the quality and the beauty ,show in the process it is somthing you will find if you respect the crafts and have a humble attitude about the creative process. Guess this way to deal with it work universal with what you create, but bottom line is that this strait road lead into another dangouras road ; perfectionism.
Germans are no problem dealing with as long as your attitude reflect a profesional attitude, with america I don't know how things work, but I had some succes with a few Canadians about a Longboat design with camuflage pattern sails and a canvas cabin. So I guess the sense of quality reflect more than just our expertations, ------- now this time you realy got me out on thin ice. About architecture btw. I live close to Christiania where the "Naver's" , that's traveling craftmen have their scandinavian base , here arts and crafts still show it's quality and here I can be _so_ arogant, as while I can produce these things to, I can justify that technology are aswell a tool ,as any plane or chissel.

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