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Posted by  Per Corell on October 08, 2002 at 13:08:28:

In Reply to:  The Undersea Habitat 2030 posted by Garie Sim on October 08, 2002 at 08:52:54:

I know that the forces we asume a Sub to withstand is not all that big as we expect, still they carry some load while the presure are the same as the weight af the water above, nomatter sq. of surface you would be surprised about how high the weight from the heel of a woman's shoe , you know these high narrow ones, guess 200 Kg. pr sq cm. would need quite some surface in a Sub to restand what a concrete street sidewalk square will hold. Still oposed space, where max preasure will be a minus one atmosphere , in space.
I were a happy skindiver untill I oassed out with some preasure syndrome and taken a lot of pictures under water, I even tried solving the color problem , that water act as a color filter , the more far away, things get more and more green, then blue so I tried adding the color missing but then I stopped skindiving, So I love underwater cities, but think they need to be wery well organised.
Underwater cities with more than 20 meter I would think would work. as amusment parks.
Getting used to cold gray condisions is not as bad as you shuld think, though you get an obvious freedom but I simply don't mean that humans are fysicaly fit, except maby for a small number. Now I don't even know how well micro processors ,that I would think shuld be obvious to control such invorment, but if there are any sense doing this, then why not try forming the underwater buildings, from a method that could atleast assemble underwater, maby you find some other use for working weightless ; underwater there are no strong man, give the one who think, a pneutic underwater hammer and try using your own pover harm yourself ;))
Also much work underwater requier you leave your bobble unless you enjoy a happy hour at a deeper level ; no I think that if you don't make it preasureised, it will not work. This requier a method that are 4 times as strong as the standard ones.
Beside ; many even architcts, think very wrong about simple math. visions ,they somtimes don't understand that they are those these downhill technologies may rush. If then you want a structure with a build up, where the intern forces, reflect to the surface coverings, with the strength and abilities of a honeycomb structure ,gues you don't mind that it work a third the normal cost for a framework construction . What is good about this method bw, is that the structures formed, are precicely defined, in cut meter at this or that cost, ------- It will tell you a cubic Feet cost , if you need that ,still this is no magic box, as parameters as material and matrix numbers is proberly best understood in graphic.
So if you draw volumes without minding as simple things as ballast, you would anyway with a 3D drawing, have a prefect structure buildup, calculations and at the front of your eyes. So if you look to the rendering of somthing you reaw as simple Solids, are replaced with the framework/honeycomb structure that will form it cut 2D from 2D sheet material , forming 3D inviroments with 2D material. --- eh Sheet matial is what I mean. Anyone here even know the astroide projects succes , this above all, tell whatkind of technologies work in space personally I stopped diving but tried my skills 30 years after I stopped :)) ----- I never was a good swimmer but surprised all ,and these gifts just work as I please that's nice. So beside being a boatbuilder and an amature architect , I allway's fullfilled what I entvisioned , Now I don't know if you can use any of this, still Im'e quite sure it is ,much, cheaper than expanding allready expensive mashins doint the impossible, 3D-Honeycomb do this in more small pieces and is in this sense, more "Lego" than Lego would ever will be, why do you think mr. P.C is a citicen in the state of Lego ;))
Just saying "Lego look like a brick" make the academics go gu gu.
This is when Academics go say "Gu Gu" ;))
Anyway this is so easy that any upcoming teen would just do ; AutoCAD and 3Dstudio Max then you build your own house, so all you need, is the exact hollow shells with hatches and docks, then it's a flip of a button to generate a structure ,that will be 4 times maby more, stronger than needed for that cost ; 3D-Honeycomb simply work better and this are proved just by the graphics, that you can say "Yes" or "I think I try with 22 mm Ply and a doubled patterned framework, you will be able to se if this look strong enough, this is called "Roman Bridge Building" , and is an essencial part of many park monuments ,still none exploded yet so if this is just about providing structures that will fit a presurised undrewater inviroment, this is simply the most flexible and promising building method, also what you can do underwater you can perform in space, robots and materials have no weight compared abowe and can even be ballanced ,Or there are maby no ballancing material techology ;))
As much as I love the North Sea when it is stormy and windy, under water worlds _are_ better where water are warmer and winds lower, this proberly also cover the max 20 meter, that offer open drydocks and no sluse ( sorry again a danish word), With 3D-H it could even be an idear to have a water or laser cutter, it's acturly very simple technology and it's as old as CAD , CAM ; computer aided manufactoring ,somthing that could create a lot of jobs, with somthing as stupid as sheet steel or organic sheet material proberly also under water where weight need not be a problem.

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