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Posted by  BRUTUS on October 09, 2002 at 10:18:14:

In Reply to:  Structures...and Innovation! posted by Jacques Pochoy on October 06, 2002 at 04:15:11:

well let me state first that i had experienced some difficulties to unlock or decode all the implications of the author,and i was hesitated to give my personal thoughts at first for the fear to be smeared with the so-called continental philosophy,but i try my best to reflect my personal impressions as far as i could interpret from this article.
but first let me state as a humble apprentice, that this sort of Apocalyptic visions may irritate the pragmatists or more precisely the followers of the artistic pragmatistic mcCarthysim
and withiout any futher indulgence into whether arts and architecture is autologous,autogenous or socio-logous or socio-genous,i want to question the notion of anthropocentrism ,were we experiencing this anthropocentrism in postmodernism or it's merely egocentrism in our contemporary architecture!
well what catch my attention is Le Ricolais notion about the relativeness of nature and logic of matter,well i had always admired this inconsistency in the nature of materials,what goes with "earthly" conditions is invalid with zero-gravity condition,"natural conditions" is a mirage as a devine truth,it's RELATIVE in our physical world.
not only in a zero-gravity condition,well a person who wants to commit suicide from a 60 meter height bridge over a water surface,his body can experience when reachs the surface the same devastating impact of a solid concrete surface
water can act as physical medium as hard as concrete,a phenomena well known in high speed boat racing accidents,on the other hand wood as a material when used in woodencoasters at high altitude coasters tend to swing same as steel coasters,structural charisteristics can vanishes at high altitude,the factor of altitude and speed can vanish the inherently nature in these materials,and the differences between them can drop to negligible,well is that "the dynamic relation in material system",i don't know?
another interisting point is the human bodies experience three orthogonal axis(up-down...etc)
well humanization as bipadel creatures has offered this to us,how?
if we go back in history to see our far ancestral lineage ,back before "lucy",right before 4 million of years,in the time of humanoids,the three pressumed orthogonal axis,disappear and vanish in the abyss of the natural habitat of the era,well what kind system of axis exists back then?
well animals and especially primates undergo a countless numbers of probable axis in their natural habitat.
"bipedalism" as a vital link in our human evolution restricted this previous infinit numbers of axis to the 3 known orthogonal axis,while nature remained to work with other creatures with it's constant infinit harmonical axis!
were Claude Parent/Paul Virilio right in creating the oblique?
the savana in the great African rift valley offered this golden opportunity as a natural habitat,ANOTHER EVOLUTIONARY PROBABILITY to invoke bipedalism!
does the space(the zero gravity condition)for astronauts has recreate these multi-axial world again?
to recreat an infinit axial world to an evoluted bi-pedal creature as the man,which was (designed/evoluted)initially as a 3 axial creatures!
he said: .....just as the nature of space itself should not be understood as uniform and empty.but rather as a coexistent with the flow of matter.....
i believe myself that a negative space created with concrete as a building material IS different from the same negative space created with natural stones or wood!
does that decode the secrets beyond the textures?
the "spirit" beyond the matter and material properties as felt by humans?
can we receive these sacred signals emitted from the material itself(and away of course from aura ,crystal balls and usual hocus pocus,just a pure abstract form of spirituality!)
the Hiroshima granite used to pave Ando' meditation space is clarified within these perceptive boundaries,as we enter the territory of the world of physical matter and its representation and reflection on our psychology!
finally he mentioned the ( time,materials,and forces vs the time effect),well i am not sure if he meant what i received as a notion
well this notion can be understood within the magic of ancientcy and oldiness found in some ancient archeological sites,we may feel that it has been saturated with sacredness thru the ages,the element of time is crucial in the addition)
i can classify it with the notion of eternity of material,i had once expressed the notion of some physical materials and its effect on the psychology of the man(student forum/3781html)
1-water may reflect the transparency and purity
2-wood may reflect the human mortality and aging in the human body
3-natural stones may represent the eternity of the human soul
4-dealing with lights and shades solidify the idea of faith,truth and revelation.
his final sentence is still vague and unclear for me,he said: history demonstrates the most humanistic architecture projects
produce the most inhuman effects....
i 'll be thankfull for anyone that can clarify it to me.

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