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Posted by  Per Corell on October 09, 2002 at 11:10:29:

In Reply to:  Re: future of profession posted by steve on October 09, 2002 at 08:30:03:

Then CAD applications also must become more specialised. as it allready show , but why is it there are a problem.
Didn't architects co work enough with programmers of didn't programmers do the object oriented entities right ;))
Now architects will do the things, the way the application call, that's allready as things work, the real visionary proberly rather read 10 telephone books knowing each function possible, --- then drift off doing pyramids that acturly would build on Mars, while it shuld be advanced, making fantasy houses, that can't be build, unless you stop dreaming. What's wrong is, that art stink. It's not worth dealing with as your everyday hassle don't even make it worth entlighten. Right architects will grow in many sorts, some doing nice inviroments where _you_ rather want to live others, do different architecture , still as this is not worth dealing, why not just let them vaste inviroment and lose the money they could bring in 10 times.
Sad is what sad is, allready you "draw" standard Lego walls as standard boxes but you don't this directly to _produce_ the different blocks. These are square in your Roman architecture ,but even you could tip the world with Roman arches and pillows ,you don't even want the tool that could transform the world of buildings.
Designers don't use to deal with these architecture issues, what I say is that there are ,Mass of intergrated standard villeage aswell as fabric for intergrated inviroments, with gates inbeteween different scales and types of 3D framing. Please , --- I know that diagonals work perfect in mesh structures, but 3D-H are a different fabric it is the interiours of rooms and streets in a block.
Build around existing volumes or make then join the fabric and you can fill the intire down-town within one fabric, carvings could show the build around of the old towers and the surface would move in hights while showing many different styles, this is what you must se,
That you can add a spreedsheet collun to an entity in AutoCAD is nice if you can use it ,first I think Architects shuld ask themself what's the idear beside making money.
Bad that you don't cut the exact building blocks, instead of counting stones from a collun in another program, but I must agrea that that's why I think it's easyer acturly building the sake, than counting as intern calculations in a stiff system.
This metood will do it a third the cost ,I to can make anything work bad ,but as this tell more about the one doing it so ; make the actural choice making the develobing within arts a matter of punk.
So I don't care ,I can draw whatever ,still anyone can produce anything combining skills and educating ,my oldest son just past exames working digital mechanics ,so it is not all that is sad here ,Any thing you can do, is to develob tools that fit the technologies ,this is what is wrong with you Romans ; you think you get what you yourself expect to get. Your visions are nice but it is byrocrats that make it work Good morning ;))
This is to greak for me, hope this is spelled right.
Back to issue, I think that computers could mean _much_ more than you expect, when first start using the tools avaible ,among these 3D-H.
Or isn't Autodesk provide Lego way of thinking with top today's projecting tools ?
My problem is that I only have the web to offer the public, nice boatplans and nice graphics. Plus minus 6 -7 round 600 members been profiting from free boatplans of very nice modern boat designs.
Sad as I said before ,becaurse Yahoo tell me, that my latest boatgroupe do not exist anymore.
Anyway computer art, is a non existant artform, this is why it is so secret ,still it is no secret that proving is proving right or wrong ;))

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