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Posted by  Per Corell on October 10, 2002 at 02:11:43:

In Reply to:  Re: humanization architecture and planet of the apes! posted by BRUTUS on October 09, 2002 at 12:42:23:

It would be very beautifull ;))
Now the 2 pictures are proberly there while left and right side of any living body with a few important exceptions with the inner organs are a mirrored thing, left side and right side somwhere alike but not top bottom , ..... two eyes looking at the same object, will produce a slight angle and this is your ability to determine distanse, proberly also deeply connectet to your sense of beauty but proberly not more than your sense of symetrie. Surely the brain combine these two visions, but like sound one ear hear slightly different than the other , your eyes work the same way, to uncontiously measure the difference and determine a 3D representation within your brains.
For me God is the greatest mathematisions of all, but when you can't feel all the beauty while you miss the important sense of determining distance with only one eye vision, you proberly need to create it to sense the beauty by building it in your own perception. Beauty are a human right and failing a dimention would naturly make you either search or try to create. You se I belive that our thoughts and even our Math. are understood by vision, while vision are allready working to perfection pattern reconising to the extents we can't se while being just in the middle of. Math are beauty , bad for me that the trend of beauty chosen by God make honeycomb structure with intern relation , not my idear of adding a logic to a thick 45 deg. section . But deciding what is beautifull and creating what is beautifull isn't that far away, our 3 axis just force us to se everything from front top and side, just becaurse we then can calculate, the 3D-H acturly work on that foundation, as the structure form a simple logic ------- but this still need a left and a right side with exactly 90 deg. between and the sections natural flat.
This btw is not organic even the shapes formed are, the strúcture are still strait aquare to form an assembly structure.
Sorry , what I ust wondered, was the more I got to know about buildings, the more scared I became for hights. As today it's a laugh when I step up just 5 meter and feel my legs disapear ; did I get the right idear about hights and reacted natural as the more I understood hight , the more clear it bacame uncountiously how dangouras it is ;))

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