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Posted by  BRUTUS on October 10, 2002 at 15:12:45:

In Reply to:  Re: humanization architecture and planet of the apes! posted by Per Corell on October 10, 2002 at 02:11:43:

human ears are distributed in opposit direction at a range of 180 deg.
unlike the cat's ear that can revolve like a satellite dish in 360 deg.
without the need to turn its head,well the case is different with the human ears it is designed fixed,we instinctivly rotate our heads towards the sourse of sound,because the need to synchronize both ears at phase with the sound wave,this is with the binocular vision another evolutionary mechanism for survival in an unpredictable world
concerning the one eye perception,you reminded me by a documentary i saw on the t.v,about an experiment done by a scientist,that a lack in the visual sense may enhance the other sensory organs and their function in the brain,it's the nature/god genuity of modulating and adapting the human for new critical situation.
on the other hand i may share your fear of hights,we are some sort pre-programed by a visual feedback of mental imagesin the archive of the memory,we feel unease with a distorted or a 3 point perspective,but we are acquainted with a 2 point perspective at the normal height of the human scale,similary the vertigo effect of dizziness and fear is magnified when we look down from the room of a skyscrapers are evolutionary feedback of visual image fail to interpret the USUAL image from the archive,this will make the brain trigger messages to the muscles to contract and resist the fall!
to resist the effect of gravity,some living creatures are designed like the architectural structure(or visa versa) to resist the effect of gravity
this fear of hight is with the fear of seperation the first to developped in an infant(an evolutionary pre-programing for survival!)
we need this visual feedback to resist the acrophobia,which depend on:
1- the horizon line to maitain it as a source for stability and balance
2- a 2 point perspective world to verify it with our brain archive of mental images.

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