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Posted by  Per Corell on October 12, 2002 at 03:31:15:

In Reply to:  Re: What do an amature do posted by What the heck are you talking about? on October 11, 2002 at 08:25:08:

What I am talking about are out in the open, as you shuldn't think social relasionships with academics work without trouble ; last time I had a huge project at a very fine and famous place I lost some one and a halve year of preparations, two expensive plotters two computers where one was the one given to my oldest son as gift.
How it happened I never found out in detail, but after preparing full-scale plans for a partner, the next morning when I started the computer It was obvious that the chips for the printer part was fucked, now that was the most sentitive parts of those computers, but how a robust A1 plotter and a strong A0 plotter could break down during the night I never found out.
So social skills don't come easy, I know what reputation I had at that time among what people ,and I also was told by some that "my enemy" with whome I don't know what shuld have upset him, was indeed showing architecture as a fight between academics and autodidacts.
The latter is btw. not very popular among the present.
Now You say "what did I tell you" ; ----- You are quite right but what did you acturly say. Did you understand anything else than what you wantet to se, now let's emagine that my son's brand new computer was sapotaged by some academic that hated me while I had the experience and the gifts not common in this group, then the result was obvious, as I lost one and a halve years of preparation living on a stone with two small children where one allready then showed to be autistic. This project didn't just leave me with debts I am still fighting but it did ruin a lot more, as when I finaly got things together ,the 3D-Honeycomb idear saved my belive in new technology, where the crowd went to fake dreams of comic future cave digging fantasies. People who can't even get two pieces of wood connected are said to know the future.
Now what did you acturly say, compared with what I said ; I mean I _showed_ somthing. I showed the result of 15 years of thruout knowleage about how computer programs are written, what failours architect been doing without even knowing it, and I showed a patch out of stoneage.
Now outside my windows, I have a 3 meter, full mahogony lapstrake dinghie. This dinghie you proberly find rediculas ,but for many others this quality work, combining high-tech and tradisional crafts show, that Im'e not talking fantasy worlds. For most people this quality product that would have asked a masters hand ,prove that the one building it from top technology ,must have known a great deal about modern technology, to replace the craftman's experience with visionary thoughts. When others open their eyes they hate me for doing it. Anyway I learned one thing past my boatbuilding experience, and that is, not to critic an unfinished job.
What is critic about, ------- shuld it be about using youe elbows to get ahead or shuld critic be about somthing positive. Do my critics have better idears to put in place or is the critic I meet, simply to protect about the "critic" represented by the fact that I do not talk about fantasy worlds with a lot of smart words, do I put out my name or do I hide.
You se, the critic I met in this group are quite true ; if you are smart and bright, computers are no problem. For most young people whe grew up with computers ,it is obvious to use computers. Also for the young couple who want a bullet prove cotteage, it make sense with a complete new building method, that is maby at first a bit more expensive in materials but much easyer understood when the house are build, much faster and without the need for expensive materials or skilled craftmen , ----- what I am saying is, that I don't care about what people who hate computers do or say as I think I "met" all "arguments". But except saying this don't work, I wonder what I now have to fight.
I allready seen the start of my next troubles ; aplying for workshop, I was told that now a CV must be given. That mean that an autodidakt, that spended 4 years as unsuscribed student, an autodidakt boatbuilder anyone wantet to build their boats, an autodidakt computer specialist that was autorised application develober, who was allowed the workshops 3 times before , shall now be turned off, becaurse now the academics claim, that the only artists, the only architects, the only designers, are academics.
Right , ----- what did my critics acturly say ; some didn't even bother look to what I pointed to, some was simply pissed off becaurse I was that mych better, and some was following their leader.
Now I told before that I hve no social skills, I know academics from my experience and never seen any way to cooperate with these, as they most often either hate computers and thereby nomatter what you stand for will fight you with even dirty tricks. I know this behaviour that seem to be the foundation of academic visions, they will yield what they contain, our future world will be a fake fantasy carried by the core interest that fuel the academics old war against autodidakts treadening their status.
Welcom to a bright and promising future, where new technologies will bring peace and jobs.

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