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Posted by  Richard Haut on October 17, 2002 at 07:19:04:

In Reply to:  Re: sniper - explain posted by steve on October 17, 2002 at 06:27:26:

with the sniper himself - I suspect that it is correct to think that it is one nutcase. Tragically it happens in many places, some confused and resentful individual killing ordinary people.

however, there are those who play on and encourage such resentment. Fascism, and the Nazis, played deliberately on it - many of their most virulent supporters were those who felt that they would have been more successful but for the actions of "those people", whether Jews, Capitalists, liberals, whoever. People should listen to the speeches of Hitler and Goebbels, and they may feel a chill of recognition when they hear Rumsfeld and Bush.

It gives a justification for actions and violence stemming from resentment. Who were the worst for anti-black crimes in the American south ? some of the poor whites - somebody had to be to blame for their poverty, and it couldn't be themselves, could it ? The resentment exists everywhere.

let me put it simply, Saddam Hussein is not responsible for the dishonest accounting of Wall Street and the City of London.

tragically, by inciting war, Bush and Blair are giving a "reason" to people like the sniper and the bomber on Bali. They are saying that fairness and honesty are irrelevant - violence is the only answer.

What remains the case is that it is the innocent who suffer and die. Americans want to live their lives in peace and security, to go out, for their kids to go to the Mall, to do what they do in everyday living in peace and security. To be able to do that, all that is required is for them to realise that other people want that too.

General Longstreet wrote to a colleague a few days before the Civil War broke out. Even at that late stage, he hoped that the politicians would find a way through - to avoid war. To paraphrase Winston Churchill, himself a brave soldier, only a fool actually wants a war.

what does it have to do with architecture ? urban safety, that's what.

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