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Posted by  BRUTUS on October 17, 2002 at 10:38:43:

In Reply to:  Re: Greatest technological contributions posted by Big Brother on October 15, 2002 at 12:08:34:

well the Orwel's 1984 is not a new alarm!
dystopia according to the definition is the oppositit of utopia,referring to fictional societies that are incredibly imperfect,lacking the harmonious and egalitarian equalities of life depicted in utopias.

but it's not exactly opposite,dystopia often contain many of the same
elements as utopias,such as intense measures of social control,but these elements are taken to horrific extremes!

does the pseudo-utopian society hide the seeds of self destruction?
and what kind of era we are experiencing with contemporary postmodernism ,is it a pseudo-utopia or simply a dystopia?
the concept of utopia can be traced back to one of the oldest epics in the human history,to the summerians and their proto-version of the garden of eden ,to "Dilmon "the land of eternal youth and happiness,a repetitive mirage thru the ages!
the ideal state or utopia was later " religiously" depicted or copied in the ideas of heaven or the promised land and some folklorist ideas like the isles of the blessed!
when Thomas More(1478-1535)wrote "utopia",he put a name to visionary creations of the perfect society.but "utopia" is the greek word for "nowhere"!
the ultimate human fears which oscillates between anarchism in pseudo-utopian societies and totalitarianism in dystopian societies!!!
Robert Owen(1771-1858)
Charles Fourier(1772-1837)
John Ruskin(1819-1900)
JBA Godin(1817-1888)
Ebenzer Howard(1850-1928)
broadacre city designed by FLW(1867-1959)
not to forget Marx/Engels
are just bunch of dreamers and loosers,are we doomed to be endless seekers for "Dilmun",should we search inside our souls other than to invoke it from above!

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