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Posted by  Per Corell on October 17, 2002 at 11:31:58:

In Reply to:  Re: Utopia vs Dystopia posted by BRUTUS on October 17, 2002 at 10:38:43:

Private maolbox down.
Do you realy think that an example would lead, then I can tell that in Copenhagen a new design for an Opera house have been develobed since it was different, last time ; what do I care, aslong it get better, but right ; if you find the link, you proberly find this full Opera a giftet shipsbrooker gave his burth town, a lot here rather gave him a street as that's proberly what he earned , but diffeling with dramatic architecture, also realy ask for courage if well handled.
Sorry ; I think he choce the wrong type of designer ; those who made the old stuff, and forget future are within arts and crafts ;))
Now I have a very different story to tell, I do in functions and tools, rather in geometrics ; any skilled craftman can produce an intergrated framework easyer than tradisional skills, not my buisness but a guy who spend a farm making a project that would meet the demands with a time fit method, that would create the glorious building ,that with standard tools would produce _this_ then emagine this worked with a decent method, producing the actural framework, in a sheet material intergrated framework ; any N.C. code directly from the 3D drawing, if you don't know a cutter, plot the file full size to a full size pattern plot on paper, glue that to the materials, cut from the lines, place it on the sands, and measure from angle on screen, to dig in sand and cast in concrete ; you Romans are lazy that's why ;)
Right ,this guy, buy on his old day's a nice design for his home town, what he ask to be a nice building. Pay the money by acturly maneaging the job ; bad that what I wonder, is if he is obvious to take nessery stepps, and be willing to scrap when somthing is cheaper.
Ok, if anyone realy want links, I can check in danish, the project did btw. use an english architect for interiours, chosen by cheaf architect with a curious mind, as this project changed tree times, just wonder what would be with 3D-Honeycomb ; here and at a third the cost, four times as strong, halve the trouble producing and assembling.

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