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Posted by  dan-england on October 21, 2002 at 15:13:04:

In Reply to:  Re: future of profession posted by Per Corell on October 11, 2002 at 00:02:44:

well there seems to be allot of debate about the use and application of CAD software in the building industry. And also allot of comments that belittle architects, i presume by your tounge that none of you are acturally architects, or are studing for the profession. It also seems that the only architecture you experiance is the stuff in your back yard.
which of-cause is repetitive and mundane, there is allot of referances to lego art. though if one was to acturally search for some precedents upon the subject, you might discover some of the works us students of architecute aspire to.

Architecture is not about simply building a shed and housing people like a battery farm. It is about a vision the architect has. If you can imagine something there is or will be a way to construct it. the only limitations in the c21 is your imagination. Cad software is mearly a tool. yes if you can use it you will stand a better chance of landing a job to start with, but if that is all you know, what will you do draught other peoples designs for the rest of your life. If you are good enough you could think about joining or starting a firm for "architectural visuralisations" you could look into software like 3dstudio max, which takes the shematics of AutoCAD and can transform them into living organisms. the level of complexities in todays computer software is astounding, look at some Sci-Fi images, there is an architectural knowledge behind all of it.
a classic example is "bladerunner".

but as a previous post stated, as to what an architect does all day, it not just about getting paid huge amounts to scribble on paper, you need to know what makes a building function, that's where to place windows, how mush lighting you need for a perticular room, air-conditioning, thermal mechanics of materials, scale, proportion, and most improtant of all, what effect your building has on its occupants.
do you know any buildings that you like and could quite happily sit in? and why do you like that space?
architecture is such a broard base to step from if you intect to do something else after, you will gain knowledge about how you can control spaces to make people react in certain ways without them knowing, you can create visions of dominance just by making one feature larger or higher.
To use another film as referance "Schlinder's List" by Steven Spielberg opitimises to such dramatic effect the cinematic use of scale and position. the film is in B&W so you focus on the main aspects he is trying to portray.
I think i have babbled on enough, if you want to contact me i have left an address (others please don't abuse it)

why dont you look in to some of these sites, and see if they interest you architecturally.
good luck in your chosen career. (which also has some good advise for prospective students)
and simplest of all, go to a good book store, and browse through some of their architecture books.

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