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Posted by  BRUTUS on October 21, 2002 at 18:54:12:

In Reply to:  "Modern" vs. "Traditional" posted by Paul Malo on October 21, 2002 at 07:27:31:

me too ,i was born in a "modern" hospital not in a cave or under a palm tree near a camel(like some holywood movies would like to depict),i have studied in "modern" schools with "modern" & "urban" people,i have shopped from shopping malls,i have studied in a "modern" university(actually my school is a 12 storey modern building that follows the international style,it was built initially as a Delux apartements in the late sixties with a sea panoramic view but it was transfered later in the seventies under the emergency in the past civil war to an architectural school ,temporarily and but it's still function as a "modern" school!),anyways actually i spent most of my life in urbanization,but still for me "modern" buildings is an alien subjects and it has not become yet for me as "traditional",especially if it was built initially for the sake of market demands and the destruction of the true identity of the "traditional",on the other hand i can accept as a rational person the element of change and evolution in the architectural history, building technics and materials But i can not accept the destruction of the traditional buildings,deforestation,urban sprawl in the name of civilization and modernity,some people may may link the traditional building with primitivism and un-durablity and structural failures as a critical elements,for me i can not imagine a "modern" building without CONSTANT maintenance,if not maintained
plumbing fixtures will wear and start to leak after (15-20)years,light bulbs has an approximate commercial life of 2000 hr,you have to re-paint,re-decorate your "modern" home every 5 years,needless to say about installing the latest versions of high-tech appliances(Refrigerators,T.V,Computers,Digital Cams,D.V.D,...etc),inorder to be in the line of fashion and the shallowness of the so-called social evolution
not to mention extra cost of sound and water insulators,double or tripple glazing glass weather proof and in some cases bullet proof glass with a high-tech emergency system of alarms and surveillance cameras to protect your little intimate "modern" shelter,and extra labours cost for constant maintenance general a "modern" home will eventually be ruins after a 50 years or less if maintenance and money was not constantly pumped in!
while i will still be amazed by the constant rage of mother nature,how a major "natural" catastrophy like a massive earthquakes,tornados,floods,tsunami waves...etc ,can actually vanish the differences of strength and durability in the face of mother nature
every "truth" can be relatively constant....

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