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Posted by  Per Corell on October 22, 2002 at 06:21:27:

In Reply to:  Re: future of profession- architecture is posted by dan-england on October 22, 2002 at 04:26:44:

Im'e a boatbuilder , beside being not just a Super user but even application develober , anyway I got the autorisation for this, but even you are pointing in the right direction, I must add a few comments. -------- I did acturly spend 4 years at the architect acadamy.
The computer are ment to make things more simple ,not more complicated. But the way this thing work is like this ; you allready have manual tools ,way's to do this and documents to be aproved like this, then when the computer are interduced ,what you do is to "translate" everything into a computer program that do exactly what you allready maneage without a computer, gaining the securety and speed of new tech. ------- Did this create a new form language ;))
Guess not, as this was not even the idear, but still even 20 years ago, architects could se this new drawing board, that allowed for 3D input, creating any perspective on a 2D screen ,just like any presentation.
Now today you se a lot of fancy projects on a screen, the architects who maneage the modern programs can create increadible visionary sceneries and designs with the flexibility of calculations that yield a 2D presentation of the primitive entities ,-------- but what options is acturly there except those allready given ; you can move the Lego blocks around, you can work the architectural expression into perfection, but what you do and what you create are totally dependant on the tools present and the way the program in a spreetsheet remember how many bricks, windows and doors.
Where are the fancy new stuff , ----- the free artistic spirit and the new form languages gone. into the spreetsheet ;))

What I am talking about are very different than just writing the known methods into a computer program, as even I agrea that modern methods shuld be effective, I guess I am looking for more than this. As I am not satisfied with just doing things faster and better documented ; I want to create not just build what I _can_ build with the tools allready present, before the computer took over, I want more than this and the architects I knew back when I spended these 4 years at the acadamy, also had a fuzzy idear, that there could be more to it, than just what you allready can do without a computer.

Now I worked with these issues, since I first got myself an 8088 and an AutoCAD 2.6 , and all this time I have had this idear, that there shuld be more to it, than just copying what's allready there to put it into a computer program, ------- somthing in the direction where creating are different than just doing things faster.

Do you realy think it's very visionary, to pull out a nameless box-solid to the ahape of the wall and add it a brick graphic as surface all way round, I don't think it is, as what I se is that this way of thinking and working with the forms and materials limit your options, and the reson I can say so is my experience with the "black box" , creating a structure to form and add qualities, rather than right away stuffing everything into known boxes and agreaed form languages ; guess you can say that there are very little difference about cutting edge creativity today compared with how things was back 1905 ; you are still dependant upon if somone rather make a joke or if anyone rather want to play it safe, and those who dare are those who are either silenced or shot at ; isn't this how it allway's been ,did Van.Goch realy cut off his ear at age 45 becaurse of love to a prostitude, or did he do so becaurse he could se he never sold one single painting and proberly never would ?

Guess a lot of architects want things to stay how things are, and people like me, will allway's meet those architects, that will attack you with all means, as ------- well guess why yourself.

So no ; I don't think architects shuld do this or that, as I will never fit into the social inviroments among academics anyway. All I ask is that you read my visions with an open mind, maby asking yourself, what is wromg building a third the cost, somthing four times as strong, only halve the trouble projecting and assembling even for somone who can't read or write, is realy so bad, when it open to a new form language and "build" with only one type of masninery that is even the most simple one of all CNC mashines, in not a hundreds of different materials, but just one type, that can be produced the easyest way ; sheet material ,that with this "magic box" will form even round buildings, without anyone need to bend anything to make the building the shape the plans say.
------- BTW ; Im'e still so ignorant, that I say that the building you se in the graphic are atleast as beautifull, as the building that won the contest this design was banned from, as even today architects don't know, that with a 3D model you know each arear from the digital model.

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