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Posted by  Per Corell on October 22, 2002 at 11:19:01:

In Reply to:  Re: Please help me!!! posted by Manuel Oliveros on October 22, 2002 at 09:42:02:

You are quite right , the more square the more triangel like. Now when geometrie shuld be the tool, from my point this is abput doing somthing with geometric defined points, to provide somthing outside a screen, stronger and cheaper than what's there. Without you pointing a finger ;))
Geometrie are allright, but not somthing obvious everything are ready and here ,there even are water cutters and trucks here, here, here, a building will cost round about _this, if done in _that , as this cost xx in this _thick. You just can't get your minds work more advanced in the sense of making sense of tradisional 3 plane CAD . This is why you Romans invent the Pope , to find an exchouse not making money and progress wealth and the rest. Now you can repeat and expand the technologies we all share this can't be different.
I put a knot on this one with a universal building method, visualy understood, and the product of means, need and awaible materials, and a jigsaw, as any lazy student will be able to master 3D-Honeycombs , guess mostly for designers and craftmen . A nutty expression as everyone shuld obviously se how things are , your eyes are your eye . saying that I am not that vierd as I can produce what I claim ,and that the method are an option, even it don't work it seem it can if you want to make the framework , for anything ; a Tank ,plane house or boat ,if you are just a bit smart, this is easy.
With a new building method. Making anything in sheet material with laser and water cutters or jigsaws ,if you want a shead ,get it plottet as assembly on paper, and cut from the lines, you have a 50 K speedboat hull, just like that.

Me working with this strange univers, find it obvious that, a transformation between two houses or a house and a landscape are easy ,producing the actural honeycomb cells, a third the cost. you just do it, and the house will start as a modern house morphing it's way into the landscape ; with 3D-Honeycomb, the planes forming the structure all share same direction planes , so a transformation will still leave a sheet cut shape, that will intergrate all others .
This mean dropping a square house, will just morphing it's shape into the structure forming the landscape. You can still produce it, while the direction of the crossing sections forming the honeycomb structure.
And any craftman who followed the discussion, know that this Brutus is a Roman name....... isn't it ;))
Technology is very intergrated in Architecture, but architects don't draw factory buildings that's for people drawing houses ;))
Once back in the old Soviet, gifted archicts made wonderfull buildings.
You don't forget a knot, I put a knot on telling designers that computers are to create, not just build.
I know the academics are right as they say nice houses are square, this is true , but this is about will. And will for what; this is where I like you Romans .
Guess the basis for the creation of any piece of art is the will that carry it and the shapes of Russian factory buildings allway's facinated me to ; also I have a german special book ,about Soviet factory buildings and factory builders printet from east germany paied with state money ; Dtalin realy got nice factory buildings ,this you can trust. but he didn't shape these, -------- this had a great impac on vestern architecture but so had a lot of happenings why the hell didn't they have 3D-Honeycomb back 1918 why don't historie fit better. That's exactly like with the pyramide builders, they just had other problems , I want us to go to the heavens then making wonders of buildings isn't an easy thing anyway, We will find God out there anyway but Popes are a good alternative, while relegion allway's had an important role, ---- Square if that's what you want, but with a simple morphing application, you can fit anything into the landscape of just everything , Romans ....... You can put what you ask, right in front your eyes, you don't se it, before pointed at ; if you want a house, get the bacic instalation and form a framework around ,if you build your house in 3D-Honeycomb, it can be gun safe. It can even form multy walled structures with inlayed framework in different shape for different porpous.
Hope you Romans get to know, more progress in the will for peace, do you realy _need_ to belive in the Pope to be Roman ;))

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