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Posted by  Per Corell on October 24, 2002 at 13:49:17:

In Reply to:  Another "World" Trade Center posted by B. A. C. on October 24, 2002 at 10:39:00:

The project of the rebuilding the trade centers will easyli perform in new building methods ,even as hollow spaces ,the Towers would have a place deeply marked, within the pattern of the town. A sketch depend if this is a real project or a personal oppinion. so in architecture and with modern methods, you could form a negative stamp, showing each halve of the towers open carved into the form of the town the other halve lost in air.
But a plan about what will need to be an arear covering the intire central city ,in one new dimension will nead to be great that mean huge arears, not just down to the harbour, if a new method then fill in the gabs with performence framework or a whole new basic structure will reach to the sky, can even be solved, as in 20 years we will se somthing different, but still the same.
Guess this is just how things are in a group on the web, somone say he have a master sketch then this guy say that this new method will save the world when wider used, So you ask about your idear, ans I ansver that that you just need to do in 3D-Honeycomb ,and you "must" make it with a hammer ;))
Better fit the times, as this is what will become if. Or rather "If not" ; somthing will be we all know this.
I simply love recursive programming, and when the Romans wake up, they chance se somthing even better exist ,still if you have a sketch for a structure, that will need a 3D maze of some kind forming a town and the Towers, you are right away faced with the fact that you can not build where the volumes of the Towers stood , even todsy, then if you know where to place a toilet, a Subway ( build in 3D-H remember ;)) real cheap still 4 times stronger and easyer, this with other levels could create what you asked ,is this or is this what you want.
I got religious and claimes ,that then idears like forced regulations on cells in the structure will grow by needs with the options. So building on a piece of land, is building so strong that would carry the weight of nearly a tower, if anyone would build , you would get a bonus if it is ontop of you, your own your spot in a method making it intergrate forever in a growing structure, publics build service functions, garbarge water el. aso. , anyone can build a cell intergrating it's strength in a 3D-H structure, even for the benefit of forming the down wall of the negative north tower, you just make the framework in real from 3D drawings, you don't even unfold, as this is just two plane planes, needing no unrolling providing an assembly in various sheet materials. A sketch for a boat can be nice to work from, but for the rebuild you need more than that, maby if all architects, got to know what tools is avaible , they could draw souers and be sure 8 types of wiring don't end up in a knot ,as from a wierd idear of somthing with no sense ------- guess you have 3D sketches of the deep pipe systems those running the town on mega plane , that there are a method though, that fit everything together by providing the result of the architects visions or the designers creativity ,if you have the souers as they are emearged ,repariable and locked off you proberly know nothing about towns, and then those who maby have a problem could even be deeper into mud , then this is just that ,sorry a man have to dream ;))

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