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Posted by  Manuel Oliveros on October 26, 2002 at 10:23:06:

In Reply to:  buildings as weapons of terror posted by Richard Haut on October 26, 2002 at 05:32:01:

Again this is a question the exceeds the realm of architecture. You can see easily in that most human life loss has happened in battles. Even when these happened in urban or suburban environments that fact remains collateral to the main one of getting violently upper control. Buildings are there, but as battles prove might equally not be there. From the antiquity to almost now battles with thousands and over 100.000 casualties have been fought (at least as well) at wildernesses.

There is also the question of how illustrated aggressors don't want the boot spoiled, ... for the main traditional reason for war has been being greed, insterspersed whit some salt of pride. So buildings are not only stout by themselves to damate -at least some-, they may be intently saved by attackers for own future potential use of the same or their contents.

Then of course in the dynamics of aggression everything can be retorted to instrument for damage, for such is then the mechanics in play.

People uses to be more reasonable in coming to terms with the ones he or she interacts directly ... the experience of the other makes his deeds and motives more understandable and agreeable. Violent behaviour is within this controllablre realm reduced to indiviudals understood to be overstrained and damaged, and even some personal intents are made to recover them and the best of them.

However, the big numbers in the world of so differentiate cultures and tuitions mke almost impossible as of now (we are witnessing) an entirely solidary and peaceful society at work. Within the realm of the richer countries maybe some experiment on bigger equalization could potentially result in more happiness, because there are there in fact the required goods to provide for the basic needs of the people. However, this can't be said (in the present arrangement of the world) for the whole Earth: there are not enough goods all over to sustain all people at the level attained by the people not having economical problems in the rich countries.

And well, all this influences attitudes ... of course long lasting and open wounds like the Chechenya war, or the one in Israel are not likely to keep much respect for ordinary buildings. They are engaged in the fight for their life as they understand it, and only the dynamics conducent to the prevalence of good will shall be able to prevent that any solutiion comes by the other traditional way of coming to terms with reality, that is violence.

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