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Posted by  Per Corell on October 28, 2002 at 00:05:29:

In Reply to:  Re: buildings as weapons of terror posted by Peter on October 27, 2002 at 07:31:17:

You are right that the skyscraper concept been under heavy bombardment ,since guess when. Now just after I started to promote the 3D-H in this context arguing the intergration of a frame structure and I tried to envision the abilities of different structures in different contexts as seperate structures and monolit structures , ---- acturly this ansvered a lot of the demands and very soon I could ask "then what, this structure will just make spagetti out of the Boeing and rush the petrol out of the structure.

Now I se what you mean, as after dusins of different suggestions I realised that this was much bigger than I could emagine. Truely a structure strong enough and high enough, with escapes incapsulatet as seperate patches are quite easy ,when mixing different framework structures in different materials and scales, but just to show how you can create a town as an intergrated framework , where different levels will profit from a building method with an idear to it, one that make one level intergrate vith anyone build ontop or within, is just ad difficult as to explain, that the right "ansver" must be able to stand there in 20 years , and that the right ansver shuld be true progress within technologies to provide the right ansver, then we are still waiting to se this ansver ; will it be honest and true ?

Now allready when I spended my time at the architect acadamy, there was another student that was stucked in the idear of a high rise building on one side. And I think the concept are old, that early on visionary architects seen the truth in not fighting gravity and creating structures with the same room expanding into towns, but still growing from a common idear of the shape. Still personally I think that as important as form are idear of structure, as with a common structure type a building can grow wild and even keep the same expression .
I don't think these changes will come from the fear unfolded since the attacks of WTC, Still I had hoped that the architectureral comunity had opened the eyes for the options with building structures forming mazes of functions and spaces as how is possible with 3D-H , You could build among and above the existing buildings and you could "slice" the ghost towers in two and make one halve as a negative "stamp" in a building structure made to stamp out halve both towers and that way leave a memorial as subtracted volumes within a town "structure" , ------ What I mean is, that if you just lay the highrise buildings down on their side you haven't reached a progress, this you will only reach with , as you say detail, and new way's to view a building structure ; you need to make the different parts of the structure less indepandant and more intergrated, then the rest will come by itself.
Btw, you can make a 3D-H bullit prove from cirtain angles very easyli if this is what you want, just another side effect.

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