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Posted by  Per Corell on October 28, 2002 at 12:15:33:

In Reply to:  Re: Nomadic 3D-H posted by BRUTUS on October 28, 2002 at 01:14:23:

It seem a lot of space and quality with these volumes, -- realy nice almost as much that I would find pointing to what you proberly know ; that even these crossed beams are nice, --- it's not 3D-Honeycomb, just by the fact the stringers are bended while with 3D-H you don't bend anything.
But these people made houses as later aeroplanes was produced, with a geostatic mesh surface structure. You find the only house that can never be made better in 3D-H ;))
Nice graphics to, Now 3D-H work different, you can stand with a frame and call, "hey, here are gennis bedroom quarter of it anyway, as the other ent are roof in the bathroom downstairs" ;))
This is what I don't think work well, with 2D emaginations guess you know this can produce wierd things , just check Escher ,that was an autodidakt teacher or engineer, and never realy found the way even he was quite right ,he's one of my fan's even he proberly was a typical Aspergers, with trains as special interest .
I think that when experimenting with the options the strength of 3D-H will show, ---- the friend of this sailor ,who named the plane best known for geostatic structures slipped my mind, in dk. there are local names for even cartoon figurs, but what I must progress is, that the abilities of geostatic structure surely are within the 3D-H structure, but the 3D-H are very different than a shell structure as 3D-Honeycomb realise any dtructure different, it's a complete different technology. but the surface pointed technologies, yu architects have seen ,as simple mesh domes is nothing, to the ease of documenting a structure carved with 3D-H formed as easyli manufactored sheets in a simple assembly.
Anyway if Nanno technologies are used as rest pillow, while people get dummer and no real progress is possible while in 40 years things are much better , as then a WTC will rise at your feets.
What if in 40 years we need ten more, and other technologies, like the 3D-H , that _will_ provide tools for the handles Nanno say it will provide. Or are we going to leave fast working robotic mashinery at atom level, equalise the univers ;))
Please ; 3D-H provide a nice platform, to provide true 3D structures , surfaces that architects made their programmers struggle, often need an army of skilled craftmen, you can buy standard rings for bolts , square with a perfect round hole, cut in 20 mm. steel, accurate down to 1/100 as cut for nothing, with a CNC cutter doing 100 arrayed on a great sheet, ------- you can callibrate one mashine and plot 1000 meter and even make two planes meet to form a 3D-Honeycomb. And it will be as tight as you think. The graphic are as strait as matematics itself, simple projections between faces defingne with tree cooerdinates, a few sideverts array'e will provide any structure with a push of a button, and it only need a fraction the mashunes as tradisional structures, what will be the outcome if as many mashines intergrate in the manufactoring proberly would be interesting for you Romans, ------ This is how it allway's is and the better it get, now this is not about money.
The Copyright issues interest me purely theoreticly, nice forum but why can't put in a flyaround the graphic you se at the graphics.
I have one in Gif format and I trucked Yahoo even show Virtual realty models from frontpage, so why can't I make you all lose mouth for a second or two, by uploading a Gif animation, as the graphic.
It is not added floors or interiours and is in this sense just the framework for another scale framework, supportet thru this meshworks.
It is so simple generated that any 6 year old proberly will understand the technike by vision, and with hands on experience You Roman maby start selling more of that technology allready pressent 1972 .
Right, 1982 you proberly could cut steel sheet plate reasonable cheap with a simple CAD program, or is it realy late 70' Why didn't anyone make 3D-Honeycomb then ;))
I was about to place geometric shaped stairway's befor posting, that you must emagine yourself, thank's for the nice link.

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