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Posted by  BRUTUS on November 01, 2002 at 10:38:18:

In Reply to:  Re: post-anti-late posted by Peter on November 01, 2002 at 09:04:31:

no kidding ,I once read a book by the name (sustainable architecture and high technology/echo-tech) which praised many controversial architectural project such as Kansai airport,and all of us knows what the ecological impact of its artificial island that is visible from space!

on the other hand pattern theory, feng shui and sacred geometry theories are often had been underestimated by contemporary (modernist & postmodernist)architects because it's simply does not obey the autonomous theoratical myth of architecture,as if architecture is something modernistically supreme created by a divine elite of architects,and even when i once preached for "spirituality" in architecture i was often misinterpreted or in other cases convicted by guruish logic :)
but after all we all tend or pretend to forget how similar ,helpless and humble we (humans) are, no matter the external appearance can change(race,religion,habitat,and enviroment) always the human needs are almost identical and we are even sharing the same psychological responses,thoughts ,fears,hate,hopes and even fantasy and dreams we still mimic our bipedal ancestors at different levels and prospectives,we still need the "cave" as an architectural sacred shelter,we are still vulnerable under the ritualistic influence of the "Space",nothing has changed philosophically speaking from these ancient times at the humane level
of course only we pushed our arrogance and pride to the limit,we are the boldest creatures that presumed to know everthing,anywhere ,anyplace!
as if we can repeatedly beat the nature ,colonize the moon,mars and rearrange topography,habitat and ecology and even sometimes can bend the human history according to our new standards and modern realm of thoughts,we can use a new "up to date" vocabulary in absurd dimensions ,but finally we will still at least "architecturalwise" the same ambitious bipedal that once left the trees making a giant step towards humanity !

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