Message - Can we not produce earth quake safe buildings ?

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Posted by  ĘPer Corell on November 03, 2002 at 10:27:40:

Truely 3D-H will provide a structure in 3D-H, that hinged with ground foundations ,will provide a leveled two structure structure ; a basement in earth vaccum, that end in a universal damping member holding an intergrated framework in 3D-H ; this will move transvers and take the wave pattern of an earthquake ; is an earth quake a wave form motion ,don't "huge earthquakes look opposite small, if you shuld measure an "huge" earthquake from space how can you even measure so small wave form nature phenomeras .
Now my point with this kind of building would carry this as a standard block, damping any structure, even leaving the ground based structures being intergrated, are no problem 2002 ;))
What's the strongest structure ; an egg or a structured framework, forming a proper solution . What's best compared technology, tools ,materials and skills . Are the dreams about what computers provide true , ------- if anyone agrea, then why are architect applications square as Lego.
Don't be a Hippie in denmark ;))

Or will an egg handled right , decided by the ability of the egg build up, --- if we realy want safe houses why don't anyone suggest better means if anyone are so handsom , but you Romans keep talking about Nietche who exactly said what I promote.

Now what I guess would be a perfect structure, are a 3D-H framework forming a visible framework in polystyrene , then you have a core, to wind glasfiber or carbon ,and directing the weaving of the carbon, you will have a thick double honeycomb structure in carbon fiber epoxy composite, --- that you also can produce as I deliver, with avaible sheet material then why can't anyone produce an earthquake house.
So anyone who want one, would get one that even will build cheaper and simpler ; if you can produce crafts that will survive a space war ,why burn it in car engines. Is a rigid 3D-H not the right thing no, then damping 3D-H change the building with a ground anker and a damper and then the intergrated frame structure, even cheap ;))
make that into an object, that better will resist a wave form earth quake is possible with 3D-H , can we or can we not provide a safe alternative can we today with all this hardware provide somthing better , --- ?

Nice talking to you.

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