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Posted by  Per Corell on November 06, 2002 at 11:14:42:

In Reply to:  Re: Where did architects go wrong? posted by Peter on November 06, 2002 at 07:51:56:

Now please remember that Im'e not an architect either ; I spended some 4 years being alowed at the architect acadamy and had a few projects all dealing with bringing what's on a 2D screen, out into the real world ; my attitude are compleatly ignorant and I only talk about what I know , still if we shuld discuss then what architects do, a few build more in paper than any. About CAD ,this is mainly used as an exchouse doing anything sain, even job's proberly pay good, maby the real challances are proberly left to real artists , then finding a paralell in possible construction, is my only interest the money to research this allway's was my own and Art is a social game.
Nomatter how positive I try to se it, I se no idear forcing a new artform into Lego and acraditives, Competisions was corrupted way long ago, guess they was invented to bring the best .
Now your attitude proberly are the academic, mine brought the result I looked for, even start dealing with CAD , on the other hand It's allway's nice to know a few phonebook-size manuals to use CAD.
I know Lego look nice and Lego filosofy work effective , so are sex.

I know on the other hand that when I somtimes "feel" that somthing better shuld be, I se the reactions as my question when technology are awaible as the choice is to phone the metal factory and complain that the files was out of scale, what you fail to se, is the effectivity and creativity, that you Romans lost when you saw the pyramides.
Don't let them fool you ; they are build massive and the wrong way around, forget about them, they was just left there ;))

So Architecture shuld form the inviroment and this is done better in the Docklands. Just becaurse a piece of software make a load of pritty knoxex , with round extruded lines , don't mean that all tools have been avaible , You Romans think a computer screen are a paintbook -- it is ,the worlds most accurate, -- Maby the problem are diverting technologies ,where as you proberly seen , Lego are one and 3D-H are another being math. different. You can put a symbol into a drawing, write the informations and you will know the exact documented building. This will produce the top of technology, then can't technologies develob ,or is this what art is about ; academics that talk about creativity.
Sorry I can't describe this different, Sure artists exist the scene are the same as 1905 , you Roman's can't tell the difference as you can understand what you know I know that work, been there tried that, but please remember the Cold of the modernism , it's not good and modernism can't last forever, with digital entering the scene. But true Art allway's was a social game. First an artist must be productive, othervise there are not enough art for all art-museums dealers and the Pope. Maby what is wrong is my visions about a more beautifull world than Lego ;))

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