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Posted by  Per Corell on November 08, 2002 at 12:05:03:

In Reply to:  The Berkeley Undergraduate Prize for Architectural Design Excellence posted by Bahram Hooshyar Yousefi on November 07, 2002 at 13:05:13:

I find the future visions abstract as I se no jet engines in the small video , the choppers in the second still wear a propellor ; was _this_ the idear ,I think no.
Visions are seen from their origine, 1950' is not the same as 2002. Many of the structures are seen right ; the possibilities in new technologies are huge, still as with nanno ,I think this must be earned as new technologies are powerfull tools. So I don't belive in the flying saurceses , -------- where I live technology rather provide a vaccum ,vaste , removal system .
Rather this than dealing dreaming about somthing ,you don't even know the weight of. Even getting there, shuld requier the time needed and the wisdom required , -------- I love this style ,but don't think water cutters are yet ready, to produce such enourmous structures, and making them a liveable inviromt ,don't seem better than vorse modernistic designs , cosy style but rather as artwork than in real ,why build so high as demands say, when this hight anyway will be reached ;))

I think situation are very different than what a bright architect, could say under behavl of a few lonesom. Very positive Visions but nothing worth without the trust in it. But Architects and designers today proberly will challance the inviroments just as if you look out a train window and can't tell norway,sweden denmark germany holland from eachother ; same well treaded inviroment of nice houses and cows.
In nice fields.
I think ti will be a good idear, to decide the idear of it ; if this is about making money or making bread. Then this is none then it's nice that it's so easy to produce an intergrated framework ; why was those Solids solid . when being honest about structures, some will show ,and then there be an idear to it ;))
Please remember that we are 20 years ,eh 12 years from when computers even started making sense , not having a particle generator producing new dimensions of Hollograms of Pyramides yet.
"0 years and it's still millimeter and inches, 3Plane 2D , noone want to make money , They don't want the tool to provide a tower to the sky and keep thinking that dreaming will bring it , Greeks .
You Romans know the truth on the other hand. Depression are the oppotunity to look within.
American architect to, had nice thoughts about the future , still it havn't even started yet and tomorrow ,modernism shuld not shape the expressions. And maby eco materials are a faster way to the astroids ,seem we shuld not stay here when intire continents are coverd with fabric structures.
Better leave soon before that , you can't even emagine anything about 2002 in 1957 or could you ?
There must be an idear with new technology, form my point of view it shuld be place compleatly new tools ,not renovated antikes. It rather make rough assemblies than foam plastic cars at the cost of a farm ,or fragile forms made to support existing technologies.
Guess there are a reson you never reached denmark ans scotland , when you have the tool, and it bring somthing better than you expected, you don't want it and don't want to make money ;))
Nice graphics though but such would be in an intergrated framework some kind othervise you couldn't produce these.

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