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Posted by  Peter on November 10, 2002 at 02:00:08:

In Reply to:  classical/traditional vs. modernist posted by Stephen on November 08, 2002 at 15:41:24:


"Where is that tradesman or woman who gives his time and creativity for the benefit PRIMARILY of the people, and not of his own pocket. I love that tradesman, I see him seldom, and I miss him dearly."

They starved long ago... No just kidding. Look, I know a lot of architects that just make a living serving the local clientele, helping them get functional and attractive houses and buildings. They do better or worse according to their abilities and your point of view. I see architects and contractors doing pro bono work and working with teamwork and a sense of enjoyment in the process, the art, and learning.

Consider that you are antagonistic to other schools of architecture to the point of accusing the architects of those schools (or just of the buildings that you think belong to those schools) of doing terrible things with greed and malice. They can't be all bad people?

If you don't find the works beautiful, maybe you are missing the point and need to try to see the deeper beauty that appears as chaos to you. I probably share the same views in regards to some buildings. I absolutely hate some buildings. But as with people I try to see each one for itself not as a style that must be disregarded at once. I often try to look at a building over time, wondering why I think it is so bad but obviously others with more power (or sense?) than seem to think it is so good.

It has always been a tough world, for architects and others. There was no AIA in the classical world. You seem say the bad to the appearance of buildings is the reason that today architects have to earn their trust. The impression is: architects now make bad buildings, therefore no one respects them and they are greedy malcontents. Yet somehow these buildings are funded and embraced by the Powers That Be. Now I know THEY are evil- so there may something there.

Don't worry. Take a broader view. Then show them where they're wrong by example.

Take Care,


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