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Posted by  Per Corell on November 12, 2002 at 12:09:30:

In Reply to:  Re: material posted by Manuel Oliveros on November 12, 2002 at 09:44:10:

Investment must be the value of a firm, the more it's fonds are involved acturly _paying_ new production equipment no money move for real.
If caveman was innovative with avaible means this rule out an important player in the idear, that pyramides was not casted blocks ; who the H... would move these mountains with a brush sharft , You _still have the Digital world waiting now 20 years since the P.C. made more avaible, concerning building what you want, the best way ever .
What if the material are rather a method, equalising a lot of alike sheet materials ------ still emagining the house in a structured fraamework in cemented hay balls work. I know it's not my foult that I feel developing new tools are one step in a production process , "dreams" you Romans call Art , South Park tought me to say " Art my a.. , but if the caveman didn't have a tight social life I would be very wrong ,Spiritualety are even the highest icon for Arts and Architecture are an art ?
Stitch a patchwork and you will make a big amounts of useless Volumes, make them make nothing and say they are buildings. Nice but not "that".
Digital will take over anyway and soon find best tools , bad nothing moved for real except making Huge Ravage ; emagine anyone make anything, then better stick to Lego ------- Please how long did we use P.C's or did you forget what a P.C. can ???
Romans ;))
Fonds on the other hand, that is not in the buisness, as producing mashins work slower from what I would think , ------ sorry if anyone think this shuld be off topic, in a groupe , that shuld deal with architecture , ------- but don't these facts acturly deal with this, You say ; stoneage man did this, cave man did this, then I say "then Romans started building bridges" ;))
You could even emagine the Faraoes finding the Pyramides there, then docorating a few walls with leftover materials would make the world's best cheat, Even having a statue made by the best ever sculpture ; sorry a craft again.
Reading what you say, bring me the visions of "Todayman" use of electric to provide pizza.
Please , --- you don't make a function a result a side effect be vasted as with much tradisional, if you make a Structure from the right start as Decor, you don't even know what structured frameworks will provide much handier this is my point. Naming a Structure within craft's are proberly easyer than accepting very much different issues, but architecture these day's better be innovative and modern but not a laugh. Bet social life was better among nheanthertalers , guess come from my secret perverted fantasy , about truth and false.
---- I allway's thougth architecture as art will develob into Desing and an obsession of changing the world , agrea this count me in as I to se myself as craftman , boatbuilder who needed to learn programming before the tools could be there, while they didn't origine with the first AutoCAD's .
This is how long ; since AutoCAD 2.6 Spooky.
Romans was smart with their bridges this is the best Roman invension, guess the Romans just accumulated another technology about the Pyramides ; that they must have been casted acording these Faro's , who even invented wheels , when asked how these huge turned over walls made this. We can count and produce what we want, then the quality in a surface 3D shaping thing hollow and not supporting the actural underlaying building ; please from my point of view, you shuld be able to rule out tradisional brickworks .
Sydney Opera seen as one of the most beautifull buildings in the world, even are mainly based in very tradisional building sections.
But these are not Decor . Tradisional sectionsworks in steel structures are nothing compared with the possibilitiez just aranging the frames different ; world's strongest pancake : you Romans think Artists don't work and that they don't have a Boss ;))

In a way this is quite safe to view the role of technology within the amount of structures build , just sometime I tend to forget that art shuld acturly deal with beauty.

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