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Posted by  SlingShot on November 13, 2002 at 07:38:57:


How will it be like to catapult ourselves back to the good old days of utopia...of gothic dreams....of visionary architecture? we dream of dreams...of visionscapes...of dreamscapes that bring our being into the subjective, sublime zone. Where can we infer such a phenomena?
Gone is post-modernism....neo-classicism...neo-gothic...deconstructivists......i believe we r heading towards a new rethinking ...a paradigm shift of what 'shelter' means to us. Boundaries will be bridged by digital nano-technologies....edges redefined to create new existences of phenomenology...inner cores reshaped into places where centrifugal nuances become subtle driving forces of a new direction ....or dialectic revolution.

Wat lies ahead...what lies beneath....we search for an identity. 21st elemental composites of the physical world. Digital graphics...Haptic rejuvenation...Aesthetic convulsions...mind remapping... we yearn for more.


Life becomes enriched by our our notions of the world around...of the inherent qualities of each building....each breathing a life....each exuding beauty from the inner most. Poetry...colour...imagination. Take a good look outside ur window and breathe in the fresh air .....we live in a world that awaits a new definition.

Terrorism....such a powerful phenomenon.Where is architecture heading when our signature buildings are getting bombed? Are we to create buildings that bring the notions of world peace...of a world identity ..of a global identity of champion buildings within each city or country that links all others in a global village such that we can jetabout from one to another in a series of linked aesthetics and functionalism?

Architecture, just live it. The world has become more enlightened thru the architecture after much can we architects accentuate the knowledge of how fragile our existence can be , yet create buildings that bring humans to greater kinship to how buildings can hug them and enwrap their beings....of being 'being' in a world of subjective reconstruction.

The stroke of a pen.....we change the world. u eager to see a new architecture movement evolve? where social, economic, biomorphic, biospheric, genetics, digital electronics, etc...will be redefined and sweep mankind off their feet? we r getting there.

good dae.

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