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Posted by  Per Corell on November 13, 2002 at 11:49:17:

In Reply to:  architecture & fashion posted by chloe on November 13, 2002 at 09:56:44:

If you add another framework structure, the style you please, the graphic will provide a reliable, proberly even earthquake safe support structure, who's strength will add, with the kind of framework supported. You could even add another dimension and add the size you please, stretch it untill these materials will not be the right, and in the right composite create a tower to the skies , one person drawing the lot, and a bunch of intiligent Robots.
Not the Analog type, producing Car's , as if you think these type of robots are the whole High-tech you are obviously wrong ; the method are just as important as with an idear to the assembly cutting, Analog robots are very different and very kind of Low-tech High-Tech.
You can learn a line of Robots to make a brick, then what is this new technology ;))
Press a button and a numbered assembly framework, designed to the extents of what the materials can carry, at a third the cost , in a shape that _look_ as you emagined ,with the idear you want
Please ; You Romans got it wrong, this thing about Pyramides ,---- they are not to stand on their heads, with the pointed thing downverts. One single artist _can not_ hold the intire buisness of museums and paintings it is simply a bad model . You don't want to make money , that's it ,nothing to do about investing the money into a hole in the ground and drive forverts in reverse.
Even Architects find it difficult to se, that this is against geometrics and offcaurse a pyramide work with the widest and strongest part at ground levels and pointed at top ; you get what you pay, and beauty exist when you look for it. About what style Architecture shuld grow, my vision about a twin playhouse Opera paied by somone who acturly want to give an Opera, drawn by one of the other architects in the two projects cooperating creating a true arts building that open the port, instead of making it ever cold.
Guess Copenhagen allways will stay gray and cold in my mind ,with a cirtain toutch of green.

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