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Posted by  Per Corel on November 19, 2002 at 02:15:46:

In Reply to:  Re: opinion on getting back into architecture- acceptance posted by JWmHarmon on November 19, 2002 at 01:02:43:

This is a very interesting issue ; seem off-topic to point to what health care nurses say about children ; that if the child bypass the period where it crawl, it will have difficulities with language develobment a year later , --- I know this to be true and have seen children at the age of 7 , having very poor cognitive abilities and this is not bound in either autisnm or mental disabilities , just the fact, that while the child crawl a paralell mental blueprint are develobed as a side effect.
The brain are a neural network that develob by the fact that each nerve cell don't "like" the electric current, and therefore to protect itself, grow a thin layer of body fat around, to protect against this iretation. ----- then next time a thought caurse another current, the current run easyer in the isolated patterns and again a layer of body fat , grow as reaction. Then maby 10000 times an hour this been happening and a learning pattern are established , covering wide areare with both true and false experiences so at night our bodyes relise a cleansing rutine that generaly solute 10 pct. of the established isolating. What remain will be the "strongest" memmories, and the "false" memmories will disapear.

Now I grew up in what a lot of people today would think would be a romantic place to grow up, and surely I din't know that there were other options than toilets in the backyard, freezing kitchen drainage, cast iron stove and all the rest I don't even bother to describe. But these early 17' century houses that was the last remains of the slums, were often what today would be preserved as cultural icons. Originally build as how it worked in many cities here it started with the kings castle, then a street with very fine and huge houses, another paralell street with a bit smaller houses , then another street with shops and craftmen shops, and behind this 7 backyards with slums.
Nice rooms if you looked at how the measures corrosponded as even the flats vere _very_ small, the rooms was often quite harmonic ; not to high compared floor arear, each aq.meter used to the limits, even many of the tricks in modern buildings used to make more room in the actual houses leaving stairs as wooden towers within ; but here my english fail describing all the cosy details you saw as child but when seing photos now, you just think " romantic ,but bless those social democrats that had it torn down" .
On the other hand , and even this was slum , it was only 3 to 5 floors slum , 7 backyards was the top and round 4 were the median, the rats was underground and were chased as soon as one the size a small cat surfaced, ---- all in all there also were some qualities but these I can se now, were the sizes of the rooms, the details like a 200 year old statue of a madonna, the fact that not two flats were alike and the exiting playgrounds where condemed houses where people just left what we today would reconise as antikes on the lofts when they were moved into modern houses.
But I guess this is not the kind of architecture debate you ask. Still how do you think all the modernists had their inspiration, if it were not in the "protest" against old-fasion slums.
If you havn't seen it as how it were , not as the romantic recondisioned small town housed for a wealty single, but as a house where tree families with 20 children were living.
But the modernists forgot somthing, and Im'e still searching for what it is. As I agrea with functionalism but fail the details that was much better to grow fantasy and even a child proberly don't miss slum, then a beautifull statue somone placed high on a wall a few hundreds of years ago, will grow a trust in beauty and an idear with decor, that you don't find in most modern houses, ---- unless each entrance hall are a copy of the next, making everything un-personal.
------- The cold modernism ?

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