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Posted by  Per Corell on November 20, 2002 at 02:16:32:

In Reply to:  :I'm sorry, but I can not understand the point ... posted by John DeFazio on November 19, 2002 at 10:38:27:

Guess it's my own personal problem ; my ignorance low knowleage about the more theoretic issues and the fact that my angle allway's been more that of an artists. Then please don't think I am just complaining academics while they nomatter skills rule ; I am sure that you need a method, you need to know your place, and you need a lot of paper, ---- but you also need a lot of papers.
How many places acturly exist, where an autodidact get a chance and what chances do an autodidact get, when you instantly are up against local social games, ----- when you find out that academics are the ones that judge and they seem to be blind except from the purely academic issues ; when creativity are somthing you "borrow" , when the architect se itself as a collector.
When creativity are allowed but only within these specific borders, when whatever you put forth are judged up against the mapped trends.
Have you ever experienced this feeling where you want to shout that what you do, is by @$$$ _Not_ , post-xxx xxx-ism , as you don't even know what this is, and a knowleage of that would proberly just have ment, that you would never produced this.
I agrea that I most often don't have a point, except the actural designs or idears. But please se it this way, that what I se, is very different than what I would se, if I were not living the life of an autodidact , ------ I have no specific trouble being creative acturly it's my problem that Im'e to creative, so creative that I don't se it as the goal, to have a warm seat and a place in the social circles as for me, what have this to do, with the beauty in creations. Still this don't keep me from a cirtain profesional aproach, I am fully responsible only to myself ,as if that's not hard enough. I know I can not takl about the possibilities with CAD/CAM , without reading tree telefon book size of manuals ,and I am very countious what this mean in terms of saying no to a safe life and a good incom . I do have a critic about academics though.
Now I have a lot of not very pleasant examples about this, and you proberly would say , that you know this and that this is a well known fact that creativity and visions is not just the common issue within the academic circles.
Now I need you to exchouse that I use an example that could point to , that this is a personal issue ; it is but it is more than that :

A few years ago, I participated in a contest about It ans Architecture , and when I participate in a contest and get my proposals back, I just store them unopened as I have very little room.
I don't scrap them as each are month's of work ,but a few day's ago I had to compress the amounts of returned proposals as most was packing paper. Now in one of the returned projects ,they left the jury's decisions and instantly when I opened it, my eyes fell on this sentsense , ----- sorry I have to translate from danish to english ;

"There are no proposals, that seriously start working with the huge and important issue, about develobing the relationship between building process and building compoment."

Now I guess you know my work that started with the first 8088 and AutoCAD 2.6 and during all these years have been in one direction only; to develob new building methods, as I had a vision about when I started with this quite complicated and demanding task. Acturly I contribuated with a proposal, where I in the description repeaded myself several times, telling that this method was a new building method, where the single building element or building block, shuld be viewed very different than how this is done today.
And then they calim that "no proposal ---- " ; Ok when the proposals were published I didn't have time and there were an entrance fee, so I only saw my own proposal with the rest at the last day , ----- you know what I then found out ? They had hung it upside down !

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