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Posted by  Per Corell on November 20, 2002 at 12:58:29:

In Reply to:  Re: :I'm sorry, but I can not understand the point ... posted by Peter on November 20, 2002 at 09:57:36:

Now F.A.A. acturly point to the method, "as an attractive building method for small commersial aircrafts".
My background are tradisional wooden boatbuilding I spended 4 years as unregistrated student by accept, at the architect school here in copenhagen, spended 3 periods develobing digetal design tools ,and the link between projecting and production are just bound in simple logic rules about assembly slot directions.
The "material" this produce can not be seen in a simple way, as you can replace raw materials and gain different mechanic abilities, so if hands on experience shuld talk against ,then please don't critisise an almost pure theoretic and CAD documented method.
This is theoretic and practic, ----- you use the same exchouse claiming architecture are an art , where I say , no, it's a buncle of circumstances.
Art behave beauty.
I leave a photo, of a mighty wooden boat ; this was build many years ago, finished even more years ago , as even when this was build, my research into possible means , for a boatbuilder wanting to build beautifull boats, in whatever materials, please check my boatgroups about 3D-H replacing the ships framework ,forming a boat as a double honeycomb structure ,I place it as link.
Vision are often also a mirror of what you expect, being able to bypass the mental limitation that this is a hassle. A crasftman simply need to grow creativity, othervise you can not be lazy.
Im'e a lazy boatbuilder, not a guy finding the means that seem possible ; 3D-H are a better option than you think.
No , -------- trouble are, that you Romans don't want to make money, don't want the super econnomic visions that is the result of removing these clouds. I can make these things, and I master a computer, into producing a manufactorable assembly, made with simplest N.C. equipment and cheapest materials ,sheet materials ; Im'e the only one making it sense .
I simply don't understand this critics ,you Romans proberly find some fancy technology bringing you one tent 's of what making sense doing volumes will bring technical creativity .
My son are just ready educated electronics mechanics a craft the last one where you don't get a handy man certificate. Then you think this sound bat, then think how in the 90' whole artforms were disampled, like Computer art were scrapped as artform, when computers went to the different floors where some nutty creativist needed a nut computer.
As I startet to explain, this is my foult ; I _have_ been working with what I can work with, most of my life, Some think that architecture deal with beauty . But architecture to, are, Survival don't they say this allready, the fittiest ,maby Im'e to much 70' these day's , I simply don't se the trouble ;))
Offcaurse I project a 3D-H structures before I build a structure what do you expect ; the building are to be designed and assembly N.C. code are allready old technology.
I can project with a method that as output have the actual assembly of what I want ,at a third the cost, four times as strong, and halve the matematics than the presant .

About square Honeycomb framework cells ;
With 3D-H no one seemed to _want a honeycomb that is square everyone point and say "this is wrong " where I prove right, 2 plane structure are more economic than any else, it's simple but extreamly effective as design tool, producing the actural structure , still this is proberly the most effective structure in terms of economy and flexibility , ----- You are quite right this is brand new and Im'e among the few who know this to be workable as proving are easy with this technike ; better prepare for true prove , we autodidacts are known to be stubbern ,this is just repeating what I allway's been producing ;

Computer graphics work well, proving building methods, but individual designs is not as important as a method that cover a vast arear, truth need no prove, Im'e a designer not a craftman when I build on my experience and build the design, with my own means .Art you recornise instantly. true art are many types, but you allway's will reconise the true unique ,often it will be nice ,but you never doubt true art , ------- what is a true house , is architecture than an art ;))

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