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Posted by  Per Corell on November 21, 2002 at 11:25:25:

In Reply to:  Re: E-Home.....the new mode of living? posted by Richard Haut on November 21, 2002 at 09:07:06:

It will not be technology that fill in the lives in future.
Still no writer yet made the web the new book , guess things simply don't work as you expect. One thing I know though, is that it is not possible or an idear, to make an intire town, be depandant on the electricity ,produced by the houses rocking in the wind.
Exp when seing the intire comunity in one homogenious building wolume, as "the house". Then to prove I don't care, I agrea that the idear of zero gravity ,look for me more as a web joke.
You simply don't discover a new nature force, from the smoke of a pipe, as claimed ; I simply find it difficult to belive in perpetium mobile.
As a crambed mirror Captain Ok. could fly the univers, as J.V. made captain Nero rule the Oceans. He wouldn't be living in that kind of high rise building, and the four towers are in real not so high.

When they ordered out a fiction about what It and architecture shuld bring, I did not know, that this shuld be understood as describing how it is. I am naive in these matters, are a fanatic boatbuilder who made the last woodenboat 20 years ago, why shuldn't a craftman not point to the obvious positive effects of combining production and design as craft if computers realy shuld be that a problem. The jury don'e even say that the link are a positive view into near future, when law's of nature been overruled , as for me this is one big joke ,as what did the 1 price bring of that type, since then.
Bet there ware not used computers even, this is my homeland.
I come with a full assembly, and in the papers they write, "no proposal dealed with combining production and means, within digital.
Cut and paste with siccors and glue ,then proberly foto copied at that point, ---- Selling cartoons are better than building a harbour tunnel, preparing two cultural buildings. Not even this was worth a few kroner, They even wrote that none of the proposals deal with the important task of this or that , this just prove what I say, no difference for visionary artists 1905 or 2002 , not in denmark anyway.
5 mill people who think a city with one mill are a city, doing their best to ruin it's greatest attractive the harbour.
Lego originated in this contry , nothing as bad as this even in sveden, ------ still how can a jury say, that none of the proposald were dealing with some important issues ; I mean I literaly said it did in the description , or was the idear with _that_ contest, to prove wrong right, and pay for it.
9 out of ten from the jury were academics, these couldn't se ,hear know what to look for . What's wrong progressing a tunnel in a new building method, exactly the right place for two other houses to come.
I mean guess in France you would share the cost of the paper for a proposal that work right digital.

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