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Posted by  Per Corell on November 22, 2002 at 02:16:20:

In Reply to:  Re: E-Home.....the new mode of living? posted by Richard Haut on November 21, 2002 at 15:30:48:


I think that the trends ,where the academic issues become the most important aspects are a dangouras patch. Now as I say I was naive and thought that architect contests were the "window" they talked about, ---- atleast a chance for a creative person to show new visions .
Please don't se this only as my frustrations about academics using their posision to rule out non-academice as this you don't need to "prove" , but when I have several instances that prove this to be true it is difficult not to point to the danger this is.
Sorry that I again point to the fact that a jury in their conclution write that no proposal deal with the most important issue of a contest, when this is word by word what I described in my proposal, and obviously as the only one.
--------- Shuld you just forget about it, or just stop being naive ; I mean , I don't work with this to become a famous architect, but just to promote a new method, and when a jury chose to support research in fantasy worlds ,they are acturly making a "political" choice. --------- then when they hang your proposal upside down at the exebition you realy need to be tolerent.
Now this is denmark , and anyone talking about the importance of innovation and design ,talk about designers who been dead for decades and things that happened halve a century ago and the only ones who acturly talk are academics, who talk and talk and talk.
Then when somthing new come up, thay still talk, but this time against, as to agrea that the same thing could happen today as 70 years ago , from their point of view, are the same as critisising the intire academic world , -------- this also mean that as soon as you question the frozen trends with your creations or idears, you must do this with absolutly no support all from your own pocket.
This is my main point , that academics cheat. They say they want visions and when they get what they ask they close their eyes as all they se are an autodidact.
In this contry it allway's been the autodidacts that made the difference ,and academics hate them. I know this from the workshops and the acadamy, and the story I can tell about will leave you chocked.
Just for once I will tell how just a few day's before I had two plotters and two computers fucked up with my last project in a way that could not happen by accident, I was told face to face by a leading professor, that he found my works a laugh while my oldest son at age 12 who was "helping" seemed to have a bright future , ----
I found it very unpleasant as I know this guy knew _nothing_ about computers and I were in one way forced to have his company .
Now I know that two plotters and two computers can not work perfect the evening before, and in the morning be burned out so tree new motherboards was needed by just starting the computers, but as things work in this contry, research are not supported by the contests as these must be curropted ; how else is it possible to state that no proposal deal with the important issues.
Please don't think my anger cover all academics, but I use this picture, to explain what I find the most unpleasant about the acadamy idear. When a contry been refered time after time, it's academics become self supporting and give a damn about creativity, as then it is all about nice jobs and attitude. My attitude fit very bad vith the behaviour of the academics some say are my enemy ; --- sorry this time I also need to say, that first time I heard that I had "enemies" among the academics, I was very worried as I knew that a lot of academics at that time, was very agressive about computers, and in particular one academic asked me if I had seen the new "Olsen banden" film . Now you don't know what this mean, but in this film a computer expert was made a fool, by a "smart guy" who put a spike into the computer. ------ I just recently seen that film, and Im'e glad I did not se it at that time, while a wierd computer breakdown that is not possible , costed me two expensive plotters ,my oldest son's computer and my own. This incident ruined two years of preparation and I still have debth , as you know ; life of artists havn't changed since 1905 , or 1932. And academics ,anyway in this contry havn't either.
The graphic were among the structures I pointed to with the It and Architecture contest several years ago ; now thy talk about projecting a tunnel under the harbour in exactly the same spot, and for exactly the same porpous. Back then I found the method as important as the designs, but I contribuated with compleatly new visions. Today I would not be surprised, and In a way I blame myself being that naive also with the playhouse contest, where they made sure the proposal didn't reach the jury with the exchouse, that I didn't fill in the arears on their piece of paper, ------ now another house close, can change facade compleatly without arear calculations and that's no trouble, but to explain that a 3D drawing don't need an arear paper is not possibel in this contry, where academics rule.

What is architecture about if you are an academic in this contry, that's what I allway's wondered.

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