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Posted by  ash on November 22, 2002 at 07:39:50:

In Reply to:  Calatrava......humane architecture? posted by Gungho on November 20, 2002 at 18:39:56:

i'm just a pint sized final year student of architecture ...n yet i seem to have views on everything.
the first time i came across the works of calatrava was @ 3 years back...but really he meant no more to me than one of THOSE TYPICAL
architects hu HAVE TO HAVE an concept n philosophy for every thing that he has designed. it was just that every architect i'd come across till then was spouting some fancy- smancy chameleon like philosophy.a plastic philosophy that changes according to ppl n place.
then there were those that simply copy paste 'modern works' without sense of time n place.n to think that i grouped calatrava with them all
but how things n thoughts change with time n a little maturity.

in this sense i'd say calatrava's work is not as much humane architecture but more of a human architecture.
u say that his n all the others'( zaha hadid....) screams for attention.but if at all we pay attention to it its not because of its ostentation..on the contrary its coz of its stark simplisity.
its the human body stripped down to,no not even the bones- for that would mean a re- representation ,but to the essence of what a structure is.
when u see their works its not beams and columns.
its not even steel and rcc.
its the same for zaha hadid. when u look at the history at any profession ....where was surgery at the birth of humanity? its more like what was surgery!!...but when u look at the history of design...not as much architecture tough, the history can be considered to be almost as long as that of human thought itself...from when man recognised the existence of his faculties,its been a constant journey of finding newer, better things, methods, processes.
every time u put u'r pen to paper u are not competing with just u'r colleagues....but all those people for eons before u hu have put their thoughts in words n actions and even those hu have not aired their thoughts and consequently me may never know 'bout them.
just how much pressure there is on creative people to ALWAYS AND CONTINUOUSLY come up with something that has never been done before...........
so we had ancient architecture then we had classical architecture...then we had their re- emergence when people felt they had run out of any new ideas.
though of course i'm not averse to having classical structures around me ...for they have a beauty of their own...i'm just amazed at the ppl hu thought they could not go beyond the classical style when they had something dare i say better? staring right back at them everytime they looked in the mirror.
genius lies not in coming up with elaborate schemes but on the contrary in discovering that most simple idea WHICH HAD ACTUALLY BEEN STARING UP PPL'S FACES.
these buildings emphasize on those things most fundamental to any organism: ENERGY(FORCE) AND MOVEMENT.

i feel that they scream for attention only as much as a human body...

tell me would u sit up and take notice of Beckham lounging on the beach or him KICKING BALL...

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