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Posted by  Per Corell on November 22, 2002 at 11:58:22:

In Reply to:  Re: E-Home.....the new mode of living? posted by ACADEMIC? on November 22, 2002 at 06:26:57:

I don't care about academics ; from my point of view, they shuld be up to some spank, once in a while just to know how you work as an artist in pressent times, doing numbers.
Now the engineers just do as told ,architects are the ones that must shuld provide Visions ; left in a blindhole in terms of understanding what they don't know . Place a 1950 man in today's inviroment he will be crazy within an hour, left to die.
The manufactored food so bad he get sick today they say 3 pct. creme fraice make sense ; 97 pct water make sense ! Architects are not the ones who must understand digital to produce a usefull tool they shuld produce spaces, ------ as for me all this is about providing this tool. You know this the group know this ; I am just bored and spend my time being realistic.
When you se this tool you will instantly se, why it is a good idear, to have everything automatic saved as now you can design anything, and there are a good chance, that an architect student, will say "Wow ,can I get this, better save this one" ;))
Knowing this to be _the_ most efective method. Square bos honeycomb framework. No one else seemed to claim this I apriciate all credit ;))
Maby not the best method in all terms, but a very practic solution in many applications. A "step on the way" hopefully. This is about having others doing the designs with my method what's wrong with this, is this not academic enough ? Sorry I were the first seing this obvious oppotunity with a N.C. cutting mashin. I just fullfilled the goal of providing what I emagined would be an option starting AutoCAD 2.6 , a Dinusaur ;))
The math. required in generating a 3D array of intergrated frames that can be water or lazer cut in steel sheets, provide an effectiv steel production ; why do you think I am so positive concerning economics. Recycled or new steel ,---- what's wrong about jobs ?
This is vector math. that is easyli even visionary understood, by children down 12 > years in general, and make math. sense as this is how you generate an assembly framework or honeycomb. You will find it logic enough to do an assembly if you want a fast cotteage just saving the money. Paneled in a week, will resist minus one atm. in plywood ;))
What's wrong with pavilions ;

Is modern education not up in time in terms of social skills ; the students I se seem what is wrong using digetal production to the limits, if it will bring you a two floor house, any shape you want, earthquake safem and leading in light from one direction near bullit prove in other directions. What is wrong making money.

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